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Santa Barbara Maritime Museum Website

Santa Barbara Maritime Museum Sets Sail With a New WordPress Website

By Eric - July 14, 2023

We recently designed and launched a new cutting-edge WordPress website for the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum, and by all accounts, the client and team are delighted. Their previous site was over a dozen years old and badly needed replacement. The…

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Bartlett, Pringle & Wolf Website

Mission Web Marketing Launches New Website for Bartlett, Pringle & Wolf

By Eric - June 1, 2023

As the owner of an Internet marketing agency, it’s strange that I rarely take the time to toot our own horn (I’m actually surprisingly introverted). That being said, we recently launched a new website for one of the California Central…

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Introducing Glacier Institute

By Eric - March 7, 2023

Several months ago, we were engaged by Glacier Institute in Columbia Falls, Montana, to redesign their website and to provide them with extensive search engine optimization to help them rank better on Google. I’m proud to say that the results…

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How to Write Website Copy that Engages

By mission - March 5, 2023

When someone lands on your website, one of the first things they look at is the website copy. Your copy needs to quickly and clearly communicate what you offer, otherwise visitors can lose interest fast and leave your site. The…

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SEO Copywriting Rules for 2023

By mission - January 8, 2023

As online technologies and search techniques change, some copywriting rules change as well. But there are also some best practices that remain the same, year after year. Here are our SEO copywriting rules for 2020. How to Create Effective Copy…

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Moving Santa Barbara Airbus to a New Design

By mission - November 12, 2022

It’s always fun for us when we get to work with local businesses within our community. That’s why we jumped at the opportunity to help the Santa Barbara Airbus breathe new life into their well-traveled website. Complete with a third-party…

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How to Plan a Webinar for Your Business

By mission - March 5, 2021

Knowing how to plan a webinar and deliver it to your audience can be a major key to growing your business. There are many benefits to doing webinars. They teach your audience about a problem and solution while positioning you…

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writing copy for facebook ads

How to Write Facebook Ad Copy that Converts

By mission - February 26, 2021

Knowing how to write Facebook ad copy that converts is one of the keys to success with Facebook ads. Writing great copy includes doing research on your audience, targeting audience segments, creating a single call to action, testing your copy,…

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Creating Instagram Stories Ads for Your Target Audience

By mission - February 19, 2021

Instagram stories ads are fast becoming a popular way to advertise on Instagram. They currently have less competition than regular feed ads and can also perform better. One of the reasons is because they merge in well with organic content…

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How to Plan a YouTube Video Creation Strategy

By mission - February 12, 2021

Making successful YouTube videos is a process that can involve several stages. Some of these include finding topics for your videos, researching similar videos, adding offers, writing scripts, doing SEO, recording the video, editing, and analyzing results. In this article,…

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image-of social-media-channels

Facebook Ad Tips for 2020

By mission - January 29, 2021

In 2020, Facebook has remained a top social media platform, used both by individuals and businesses. Facebook advertising has also grown in popularity as businesses have realized its power for creating brand awareness and attracting new customers. Facebook ads provide…

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How to Use Instagram for Lead Generation

By mission - January 22, 2021

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms. People especially enjoy sharing their photos in this space. It has also become a top way for businesses to promote images of their brand and to interact with their…

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