Web Metrics, Analytics & Measuring progress

Analytics are absolutely critical to the success of your website and your digital business. Analytics allows you to establish key performance indicators and monitor marketing and campaign performance for continued success and ongoing improvement. If you're not measuring website and campaign performance, you're losing money.

Website Metrics & Analytics

Analytics measures website performance, user behavior & digital marketing results

The most crucial factor in determining website performance and digital marketing success is Analytics monitoring. Analytics identifies how well your website is performing, which pages visitors are most engaged with, website visitor flow, traffic driven to your site through marketing channels and campaigns, and much more.


Google Analytics Tracking Has Changed

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) measures users' behavior, website traffic generation by source, the effectiveness for your digital channels and the results from marketing programs. Implementing GA4, recording data, analyzing, making adjustments and repeating this process are the keys to incrementally improving your marketing funnel effectiveness.

Google Tag Manager is Ideal for Implementation

You can install GA4 tracking on your website using the Analytics-provided GTAG (your measurement ID) or through Google Tag Manager.

We install Google Analytics (GA4) on your website through Google Tag Manager (GTM). GTM allows us to integrate tracking code (pixels) from social media platforms, 3rd party payment gateways, and marketing automation platforms. We also generate custom scripts to track on-page events that are difficult to measure in GA4.

The advantages of using GTM are that all tracking is managed in one place (your GTM container), all tracking configurations can be tested on the live site without generating any test data in your GA4 accounts, and new tracking or updates are pushed live across your entire site with a single click. Fast, easy, and very cool!


• Installs only Google Analytics 4 tracking
• Limited Event & Custom Event Tracking
• Single Method for Tracking Events
• Requires Manual GTAG Code Updates
• Sub-Domain Tracking on 3rd Party Sites

• Limited Customization of Event Tracking
• Difficult to Track Page-Level Tag Changes
• Framework of Tag Ages Out Without Warning


• GTM Container Installs ALL Platform Tracking Codes
• Provides Custom Tracking for Platforms & Events
• Multiple Event Tracking Methods & Parameters
• Google Updates Framework, No Code Updates
• Sub-Domain & iframe Tracking on 3rd Party Sites

• GTM Container is Not Allowed by Some 3rd Party Developers.

GTM Solves Difficult Tracking Issues

One of the most difficult challenges for digital marketers is tracking activity when their website contains an iframe which is a container that loads a 3rd party website within your website.

Iframes are very common on websites using a 3rd party reservation system or payment gateway. Google Analytics tracks your website URL but cannot see the 3rd party website. The end result is that the 3rd party website is credited with all leads and/or revenue, not your digital marketing channels.

If you are working with a 3rd party who will host a subdomain of your site (e.g. reservations.yourcompany.com) then GA4 will likely track results. If this is not the case, you will have a large hole in your marketing data.

GTM makes it possible, in many instances, to track your website visitors to a 3rd party website and back to your website, allowing for accurate attribution of activity and results to your digital channels. GA4 alone cannot do this.

Glacier Insitute in Glacier National Park, Montana
Before working with Mission Web Marketing, we were nearly impossible to find on a Google search. Without an effort to stay relevant, our organization was quickly on it's way to being invisible. Now, we're ranking in the top three for all of our top identified terms, as well as a lot of our secondary phrases. Our newly designed website is highly functional, beautiful, and putting money in the bank. We owe a ton to the amazing team at Mission Web Marketing! Not to mention, they are cool humans to spend time with.
Anthony Nelson, Executive Director of Glacier Institute

Anthony Nelson
Executive Director
Glacier Institute

Santa Barbara Maritime Museum

From online exhibits, auctions, and art shows, to an eCommerce storefront and online event registrations, Mission Web Marketing has been instrumental in taking our website to the next level and beyond. They also helped us get through 2020, during the Coronavirus when the museum was closed to the public and we were forced to move all of our activities into an online virtual format. We are thankful for their assistance and look forward to working with them for years to come.


Greg Gorga
Executive Director
Santa Barbara Maritime Museum


I have worked with Mission web marketing for the past 10 years and they have developed and overhauled our 3 successful eCommerce websites at Florabundance.com, FabulousFlorals.com, and GardenRosesDirect.com. It is always a pleasure to work with their professional team lead by Eric Petersen. They listened to our needs and learned a lot about our complicated business models and they have been successful in delivering everything we need and more.


Joost Bongaerts


To work with Mission Web Marketing, is an absolute must. Not only are their professionalism and expertise unparalleled, but, since working with them, our online bookings have literally doubled! What better endorsement could one possibly give?


Judy Hudson
Managing Director
Hotel Cheval


 I’ve worked with Mission Web as a vendor on several projects and as a collaborator on others. I always recommend them to clients and I am very happy with the results. They are amazing at PPC & SEO. Super responsive, very accountable and they get results.


Ken Sterling
Executive Vice President
BigSpeak Speakers Bureau


In the world of SEO and Internet Marketing it is rare to find a company with such integrity and a company that really knows the field of Internet Marketing inside and out. Before we found Mission Web Marketing we had been through the gamut, from individuals to large expensive SEO companies who promised us the world and delivered practically nothing – except large fees. What a relief to find Mission Web Marketing! Their work is top notch, their rates are very fair and the results are fantastic.


Rebecca Jennings
Hips and Curves


Mission Web Marketing has taken our online marketing to the next level. Their creative, thoughtful and attentive services have improved our overall market presence and generated substantially more revenue for our company. For that we are most grateful!


Bruce Boring
The California Wine Club


I have been working with Mission Web Marketing in Santa Barbara for over a decade and they have kept my company at the cutting edge of web marketing world. I found it is key to find one company that encompass all areas of website work which is what I receive when I work with Mission Web Marketing.


Skip Abed
Owner & President
Santa Barbara Sailing Center


We have had the pleasure of working with Eric Petersen and his expert crew at Mission Web for 6 years, on a variety of projects - large and small. Regardless of scale or budget, we consistently receive quality work on time and on budget, with creative solutions, attention to detail, and good communication. An added bonus is Eric’s patience and understanding of the creative process!


Jane & Bob Engelsiepen
View Studio


The great team of professionals at Mission Web Marketing in Santa Barbara exceeded our expectations for a new, mobile friendly site with great SEO. The team provided eye catching creativity and ‘user friendly’ functionality and delivered a website better than we hoped for. Their attention to detail allowed us to launch our site in the middle of our busiest season with no down time and an immediate increase in business!


Kathy & Fred Hershman
Celebration Cruises of Santa Barbara