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Infographic: Saving Your Site from Cart Abandonment

Are your customers making it through your online checkout process successfully or are they abandoning their orders before completion? By making sure you’ve optimized your cart with features including clear call-to-action buttons and easy to locate security and help information, you can increase the number of customers who make it to your “Thank You” page. Check out this infographic from Ripen Ecommerce on “Saving Your Site from Cart Abandonment.”

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Infographic: What You Need to Know About Choosing the Most Effective Social Media Platforms

infogrphic-choosing-social-media-platformsFor those just getting started in social media marketing for their business, the plethora of different platforms to choose from can be confusing to say the least. Or you may have already been marketing your business through social media for a while, but just not seeing the results you were hoping for. In either case, it’s a good idea to take a step back and really evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each platform and decide which ones are a good match for your business. The type of media you will be creating may be more suited to Facebook or Pinterest rather than Instagram. And taking a look at certain demographics of your target audience, you may find that more of them are hanging out on Google+ (25 to 34 year old) vs. LinkedIn (55 to 64 year olds). Take a look at this infographic courtesy of Edge Media to help you decide where you should focus your social media marketing efforts for the highest impact.

Choosing the most effective social media platforms - Infographic
Courtesy of: Infographics.SG


Increase Your Search Click-Thru Ratio with Rich Snippets – Infographic

rich-snippetsAre you utilizing Rich Snippets on your website? If not, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to optimize the way your pages appear in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Here’s what Google has to say: “Snippets – the few lines of text that appear under every search result – are designed to give users a sense for what’s on the page and why it’s relevant to their query. If Google understands the content on your pages, we can create rich snippets – detailed information intended to help users with specific queries. For example, the snippet for a restaurant might show the average review and price range; the snippet for a recipe page might show the total preparation time, a photo, and the recipe’s review rating; and the snippet for a music album could list songs along with a link to play each song. These rich snippets help users recognize when your site is relevant to their search, and may result in more clicks to your pages.”

Here’s a handy infographic that discusses the different types of rich snippets you can add to your website content. Not sure how to implement rich snippets on your site? Contact us today for a free consultation: or (800) 260-6406

Infographic Rich Snippets

Created by Infographic Design Team

10 Tips for Connecting with Local Facebook Fans

Image courtesy of Master Isolated Images at

Image courtesy of Master Isolated Images at

If you’re a small business, you know how important it is to connect with customers in your local community. Facebook is a great way to reach out to clients, both current and prospective, and keep them in the loop about your new products or services, events, sales and more. But first thing’s first: finding those local Facebook fans. There are a variety of Facebook tools and tricks to help you identify and connect with local fans, from using hashtags in page updates to hyper-targeting ads. SocialMediaExaminer discusses their top tips in “10 Ways to Find More Local Facebook Fans”.

Nine Ways to Improve Your Email Deliverability – via MarketingProfs

Nine Ways to Improve Your Email Deliverability

Image courtesy of Renjith Krishnan /

Having trouble getting your email campaigns into your subscribers’ inboxes? It’s a shame when you’ve put a lot of hard work into designing an email, only to have it marked as spam by ESPs (email service providers). If this is happening to you, there are some simple tricks that can help increase your email deliverability, such as including “alt” tags on all images and ensuring your email settings are optimized for authentication. As Carol Stott of MarketingProfs says: “Spam filters are here to make our lives better. But as marketers we feel frustrated if they block our emails. Using an email marketing application to be professional is a commendable step, but it’s also good to know how to ‘pimp your ride,’ or fine-tune it, to get the best results.” Read on to learn nine easy ways to help your emails reach the inbox.

Twitter Unveils Objective-Based Ad Campaigns – via


Have you considered including Twitter ads in your social media marketing mix? At one-third the cost of other paid channels (source: Hootsuite) Twitter ads can be a valuable untapped resource for generating leads and increasing customer engagement. And in just a few months, Twitter will unveil an easier-to-use ad system that will offer objective-based campaigns. According to ClickZ “The new campaign aims to simplify things for marketers. Users will start by setting a goal, be it adding new followers, driving app downloads or directing people to their website. From there, a template will ask users to enter text and a picture and choose a call to action; a targeting method, such as keywords or tailored audience; and some keywords. Setting a budget is the final step.” Find out more.

5 Essential Elements of a Great Company Story – via

5 Essential Elements of a Great Company StoryOne piece of marketing material that can sometimes be tricky to write is your company story. How can you make your company’s climb, whether meteoric or slow and steady, stand out from the crowd and convey to readers the essence of what your business is all about? ThinkShift Communications shares “Five Essential Elements of a Great Company Story” in this easy-to-follow infographic.

Real-World Panda Optimization – Whiteboard Friday – via


Here’s a great video via on Search Engine Optimization for the Google Panda update. SEO consultant Michael Cottam outlines the steps you can take to analyze your website to identify areas of possible optimization. “The Panda algorithm looks for high-quality content, but what exactly is it looking for, how is it finding what it deems to be high-quality, and- perhaps most pressingly- what in the world can we do to befriend the bear?” Check out the video for step by step directions.

10 Changes to the Facebook Page Layout: What Marketers Need to Know – via

10 Changes to the Facebook Page Layout: What Marketers Need to Know Changes to Facebook pages for businesses appear to be happening more and more frequently. It seems like as soon as we’re getting comfortable with the current layout they up and change everything around. At the start of the year Facebook announced that business pages would be getting another major facelift. The changes rolled out slowly, but most pages should now be in the new format. In “10 Changes to the Facebook Page Layout: What Marketers Need to Know” SocialMedia Examiner walks you through the new features, including image sizes, app locations and where to locate some navigational features that may be a bit tricky to find.

New Robots.txt Tester Tool in Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools Robots.txt TesterGoogle Webmaster Tools has just added a new robots.txt tester. The new feature will highlight errors and warnings, as well as let you test changes in real-time directly within the tool. Just make sure to upload your final file to your web server when you’re done. In addition, you’ll be able to see older versions of your robots.txt files, making it easy to identify changes that may have blocked Google’s spiders from crawling pages within your site. Find out all the details in “Testing robots.txt files made easier” via Google’s Webmaster Central Blog.