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Top 10 Google+ Marketing Tips and Tricks You May Not Know About

By mission - October 28, 2016

With over 1.15 billion registered users and 359 million monthly active users (source:, Google+ is fast becoming one of the top players in the social media world, and one that increasingly can’t be left out of any comprehensive web…

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Twitter Unveils Objective-Based Ad Campaigns – via

By mission - September 30, 2016

Have you considered including Twitter ads in your social media marketing mix? At one-third the cost of other paid channels (source: Hootsuite) Twitter ads can be a valuable untapped resource for generating leads and increasing customer engagement. And in just…

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3 Rules To Write Better Ad Copy via Clix Marketing

By mission - August 26, 2016

Need some inspiration on how to write better ad copy for your Pay Per Click campaigns? Robert Brady of Clix Marketing outlines 3 rules to get you started, whether you’re new to writing ad copy or want to optimize what…

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Five Tips to Improve Your Web Marketing Initiatives

By mission - July 22, 2016

1. Have a plan Don’t dive into web marketing without sitting down and creating a plan. Many web marketing firms you will find online will promise extreme results without showing you the facts. We use Google Analytics and search engine optimization…

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Mission Web Marketing can help with PPC or SEO web marketing initiatives.

SEO or PPC? Which is right for you?

By mission - July 15, 2016

The ongoing debate between search engine optimization and pay per click advertising has our clients asking which web marketing strategy is the right investment for them. SEO and PPC both have the same desired outcome, they both drive traffic and…

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Maximize Search Engine Marketing Campaigns

By mission - June 10, 2016

Search Engine Marketing is described as the Yellow Pages of the 21st century and is the most lucrative form of online advertising for small businesses. It is a perfect way to target customers looking for a specific product or service…

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NYT Article

Bad Pay-Per-Click Campaign Hurts Business

By mission - May 6, 2016

This New York Times article, “Mistake in a Pay-Per-Click Campaign Leaves a Business Puzzled,” can teach us all a lesson on web marketing tactics! Paul Downs, owner of Paul Downs Cabinetmakers, made a small business mistake by messing with his…

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More About Our Santa Barbara Marketing Company

By mission - April 1, 2016

Mission Web Marketing, a Santa Barbara marketing company, offers a variety of web marketing services for local and national businesses. Our Santa Barbara marketing company provides dozens of companies across the nation with search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising and website…

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SEM Can Boost Your Online Presence

By mission - March 25, 2016

Mission Web Marketing, a Santa Barbara marketing company, has used search engine marketing to generate millions of dollars for clients. It will increase traffic to your website almost immediately and it can be one of the most lucrative forms of…

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Upcoming Changes – Google Product Search to Google Shopping Transition

By Eric - March 4, 2016

Google recently announced that their product search program will be replaced by Google shopping program. After the change (Fall 2012), Google merchant center products will not be displayed for FREE on the search results page. Google shopping will be a…

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Online Review Sites

By mission - February 26, 2016

A customer is faced with the decision between two hotels for her dream vacation.  They are equal in price and since she’s never visited the location, she’s not sure which to choose.  After visiting a few online review sites, she…

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Google Adwords Match Type Change – Opt-In or Opt-Out?

By Eric - February 12, 2016

Google recently rolled out a change to the Adwords exact and phrase match types, so your ads will also be triggered for misspellings, singular/plural forms, stemmings, accents and abbreviations of your exact and phrase match keywords. This is a default…

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