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Top Ways to Offer Free Shipping for Your E-commerce Business

By Suzanna Kiraly / August 25, 2017
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Many online stores are offering free shipping these days because it can dramatically increase sales and reduce abandoned cart rates. But before you offer the…

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7 Tips for Creating the Perfect Sales Page

By Suzanna Kiraly / June 16, 2017
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The layout and appearance of your sales page can significantly impact the amount of sales that you make, so it is important to consider the…

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Four Facts You Need to Know About Product Recommendations

Four Facts You Need to Know About Product Recommendations – via Econsultancy

By mission / March 17, 2017
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According to a study performed by Econsultancy: “product recommendations are responsible for an average of 10%-30% of ecommerce site revenues.” If your website is not…

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Infographic: Saving Your Site from Cart Abandonment

By mission / March 3, 2017
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Are your customers making it through your online checkout process successfully or are they abandoning their orders before completion? By making sure you’ve optimized your…

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Transactional Email Best Practices for Ecommerce Businesses

Transactional Email Best Practices for Ecommerce Business – via iMedia Connection

By mission / February 24, 2017
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Are you making the most of your transactional emails? Whenever an individual takes an action on your website such as signing up for an email…

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There’s a Good Chance Google Is Rejecting Some of Your Products Right Now – via Search Engine Watch

By mission / December 2, 2016
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Way back in June, Google Shopping announced changes to their feed specifications. This meant that you had until September 30th to make these required changes…

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Infographic: 9 Data Sets Every E-commerce Company Should Measure

By mission / November 11, 2016
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There are many different metrics to look at when analyzing the success of an online business. For example, what percentage of your site visitors are…

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New Santa Barbara Apparel Company Launches Website

By mission / July 29, 2016
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Santa Barbara, Calif. – Mission Web Marketing has launched an updated website for Santa Barbara utility clothing pioneer, Purnell, a company that stands for innovative,…

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Boost E-Commerce Sales In 7 Steps

By mission / July 1, 2016
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There are seven tricks to building a powerhouse e-commerce website that will increase your potential for sales conversion and website traffic. Whether you’re just starting…

Keep Reading Article: Market Research Helps E-Commerce Firms Get Their Share of 2012’s $8 Billion Halloween Consumers Spend

By mission / April 15, 2016
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Posted on October 12, 2012 by Elizabeth A. Can understanding the major trends in Halloween spending help e-commerce firms get more sales this Fall? You…

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More About Our Santa Barbara Marketing Company

By mission / April 1, 2016
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Mission Web Marketing, a Santa Barbara marketing company, offers a variety of web marketing services for local and national businesses. Our Santa Barbara marketing company…

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Calculating the Profitability of a Web Marketing Campaign

By Eric / February 5, 2016
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I recently posted a rather lengthy reply to a web marketing group on LinkedIn and got to thinking, “Why not put it on the blog?”…

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