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How to Get More Qualified Leads


Not all leads are created equal. Some are more ready to buy than others. One of the goals of marketing is to create content and systems that help to turn leads into qualified prospects. Through methods such as blog posts, newsletters, and ads, leads can be informed about your products and services. This also allows you to build trust with them. In this article, we explore ways to get more qualified leads.

Generating Qualified Leads for Your Business

Create Lead Magnets

Specifically identify your target audience and create a landing page where they can opt-in for an offer that helps to solve a problem that they have. You can use advertising, such as Facebook ads, to drive traffic to the offer. 

Get More Visual!

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so by including more visuals in your marketing, you can get more engagement and conversions. This is especially true with videos because they can quickly and easily communicate a lot of information.

Engage Your Audience with Content

Creating content for your audience, such as blog posts, can help to capture the segment of your audience that is most interested in certain information, products, or services. One marketing strategy is to create a blog post and use Facebook ads to retarget people who were interested in it, with a related offer.

Detailed Targeting

An essential way to get more qualified leads is to use detailed targeting. Creating a buyer persona or avatar of your ideal customer helps you to target more qualified leads. So research details about your ideal customer, such as demographics, age, gender, and interests. Once you have collected this information, you will be able to target audiences more specifically when doing advertisements.

Qualify Your Leads through Questions

A great way to find out which of your leads are most qualified is to qualify them in your sales funnel by asking some questions. For example, a real estate agent can ask questions such as whether the lead is looking to buy or sell a home, whether or not they are currently working with a realtor if they would like to get the value for their home, and when they would like to sell their home.

Create a Strong Call to Action

A strong call to action compels a visitor to take an action that you want and describes what the action should be, such as “download your guide”. Since a call to action is significant for moving someone along in your funnel, make sure that it describes how the person will benefit. Also, test out different call to action options to see what is most effective.

Create a Follow Up Sequence

If a lead opts in to your offer on a landing page but you don’t follow up with them with emails, it is easy for them to quickly forget about your company and offer. So it is important to set up an email sequence where you continue to communicate with leads and they get to know more about you as you educate them by sending out consistent email messages. Eventually, the leads will be very familiar with you and more likely to make a purchase.

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