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Audiences to Target with Facebook Ads


There are several types of audiences that you can target when doing Facebook ads, depending on your objectives. Some of these include lookalikes, people who visited your site, watched a certain percent of your video, and existing customers. In this article, we will cover some of these audiences to target with Facebook ads, some of which you may not be aware of.

Facebook Ads Audience Targeting Ideas

Targeting Existing Customers

You can get some of the best conversions from targeting people who have purchased from you in the past. Since they are already familiar with your brand and products or services, they are likely to buy from you again. For this reason, some people assume that they are not worth targeting at all. However, if you do not continue to advertise to them, they can simply forget about what you offer.

To target past customers with ads, you can upload a list of existing customers from a database or use purchase data that has been gathered from your Facebook pixel. Here is some information from Facebook on how to use a customer list to create a custom audience.

Creating a Lookalike Audience of Existing Customers

When you have enough data on past customers, you can use it to create a lookalike audience of the list. This means that Facebook will find people who are similar to (or look like) your original customer audience.

Using Your List of Email Subscribers

Another idea for what audiences to target with Facebook ads is your email subscribers. The email subscriber list is not as hot as your customer list. However, it can still be a good list to use for advertising since the people on it are engaging with you whenever they read a message that you send to them. Therefore, they become familiar with your brand and may be ready to make a purchase from you. Rather than only sending them newsletters or marketing messages, also including them in your Facebook ads strategy gives you another avenue for reaching them.

Using Website Visitors to Create a Lookalike Audience

You should have at least several thousand visitors to your site each month to use this strategy. Your Facebook pixel can collect information about your website visitors, such as what pages on your website people have visited. You can retarget these people with advertising. For example, if someone went to a blog post on your website about a certain topic, then you can retarget them with ads based on that interest. You can create audiences based on the number of days that people last visited your site.

Create Audiences Based on Your Video Views

A great targeting option that you can use through the Facebook ads manager is to target people who have viewed a certain percentage of your video on your Facebook or Instagram page, or in your ads. The longer that someone has watched your video, the more interested they are in your content. Here are some of the percentage options that you can use for targeting: 25%, 50%, 75%, and 95%. You can also choose to target 3 seconds or 10 seconds.

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