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Fill your RSS Reader for Instant Gratification


Do you follow any blogs? How much time each day do you spend hopping around those blogs to read the posts? It can be time consuming and frustrating jumping around to blogs that might not have a new post.

Now some people might say that reading blogs can be a huge time suck and a total waste of time. That may be true in some instances [depending on the blogs you’re following], but if you use blogs to gain knowledge, follow trends, get inspired, or enhance your work, then how can blog-following be so bad?

Most everyone is familiar with RSS Readers, and I’m here to remind you to USE IT! I use Google Reader, but there are dozens of readers out there that are quick and easy to fill up with your favorite blogs’ RSS feeds.

A short list of reasons why an RSS Reader can be a huge time-saver:
1. You can quickly see a list of new blog posts by date/time, and only read the posts that interest you
2. You don’t waste time hopping around to blogs that don’t have a new post
3. You can access your Reader quickly from many mobile devices and read during small bits of time
4. As you visit new blogs you can quickly add them into your Reader, or remove blogs that aren’t inspiring you
5. You can organize the blogs you follow into categories, and focus on specific topics when time permits

A few popular RSS Readers to try:

Give your Reader a try. Or try out a new one. Download a Mobile RSS Reader app to your mobile device or laptop. You’ll soon wonder how you lived without one!

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