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The Indirect Value of Nofollow Links in SEO

Nofollow Links in SEO

In SEO, a nofollow link does not count as a point to help a page boost its rank nor does it assist in ranking higher on SERP.

You might think that a nofollow link building is pretty useless because it does not translate to direct clicks to your web page. However, gaining nofollow links can actually help your brand indirectly earn exposure and referral traffic that can improve your visibility in search engines.

Read on to learn the indirect value of nofollow links in SEO:

Concentrate on Referral Traffic

While nofollow links can’t help you directly impact Google, there is a possibility that people can see it and use it as a point of reference. When a blog or website mentions your brand, readers can still find their way to your website by typing your company into the search engine and directly clicking your website. By producing relevant and high-quality content, you can attract bloggers and other brands to know more about you and feature you in their own content.

Look for Opportunities to Mention Your Brand

Another benefit from the indirect value of nofollow links in SEO is by doing an outreach to promote your content. There are plenty of platforms to earn good referral traffic for your blogs. Participate in Quora, Youtube, Pinterest, and Slideshare. Establish authority by joining online forums and sharing your knowledge with other members of the community. Reach out to influencers and feature them in your podcast or interviews. Find ways to be featured on resource lists guaranteed to give you continuous traffic over a long time. Don’t forget to promote your content on popular social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and other news aggregators like Reddit and Stumbleupon.

Attract Influencers

Thought leaders are considered experts in their own fields. Hence, the primary goal that a nofollow link needs to achieve is gaining additional followed links from authoritative influencers.

So how do you get their attention? You may not necessarily need to churn out award-winning blogs and reports. However, you can repurpose existing content by writing blogs and articles from a different point of view. Produce original content by conducting your own interviews, surveys, and experiments. Challenge existing beliefs and best practices by sharing anecdotes of brands that successfully break the rules.

By attracting influencers and having your work posted on a mainstream channel, you get the exposure that leads to coverage in the press, social networks, blogs and other prestigious online platforms. Targeting influencers can maximize your brand reach and SEO capacity.

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