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7 Ways to Promote Your Optin Offer on Your Website

Building an email list is one of the most important aspects of marketing. Once people opt into your list, you will be able to build a relationship with them that can lead to sales. So you need to utilize ways of moving your target market traffic from social media, your website, and other sources online onto your email list. Here are some tips for promoting your optin offer on your site.

1. Sidebar
One of the places to put your optin is in the sidebar of your website. Eventually, you might have several optins in your site’s sidebar, but start with one and make sure it performs. The form should be eye-catching and, in the title, let people know what is in it for them if they opt in. Optionally, you can also include a sub-headline.

2. Site Top or Bottom Bar
There are tools you can use to place a bar at the top or bottom of your site that includes your call to action and an optin form. Alternatively, instead of the optin form, you can include a link to a landing page.

3. Social Media Profiles
Adding a great image that describes your optin offer to your social media profile graphic is a great way to get extra optins. On Facebook, under the graphic, you can use the button option that Facebook provides to lead people to a landing page.

On other social media profiles, such as Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, you can add calls to action in your bio with a link to your landing page.

4. Home Page Optin
Integrating an optin form into the design of your home page is a great way to take advantage of traffic that lands at your front door. You are offering something right away before people dig deeper into your site. It is best to put this optin form above the fold or just slightly below it so that people don’t need to scroll much to see it.

5. Popups
Although some might find popups to be intrusive, they can increase optins by as much as 25%. One option for using popups is to have them appear when people enter your site. Another option is to use them when people are about to leave your site. This way, you capture the traffic that is leaving and may never return.

6. 404 Pages
When someone does not find something that they are looking for on a site, often a 404 page comes up that says that the content was not found. Putting your optin on 404 pages using humor will help you to connect with people in this situation and allow you to capture their email information. Leadpages can help you to set up optins for your 404 pages.

7. Blog Content Upgrades
A content upgrade is basically a copy of your blog post in a PDF format that people can download via an optin. The download option may be put into the blog on your site a few times in various places within the blog, depending on the length of the blog. Leadpages can help you to create download boxes.

People usually opt into this type of content because they think that it is important information so they want to save it, or because it is too much for them to read all at once so they want to read it later.

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