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How to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment


So you have spent time building an amazing eCommerce site, stocking your inventory, and maybe even paying for ads to advertise your products. But you notice that people are abandoning their shopping carts. How can you fix this?

People abandon their carts for various reasons such as distractions, shipping prices being too high, or wanting to compare your prices to the prices of competitors. Here are some tips on how to reduce shopping cart abandonment.

Optimize the Checkout Process
Keep your checkout process as short and simple as possible to increase the chances that people will complete the process. A one-page checkout is best.

Offer Multiple Payment Options
Offer multiple payment options because customers have various preferences for payment. Some prefer credit cards while others may prefer other payment options such as PayPal.

Retarget with an Email Sequence
Setting up a shopping cart abandonment email automation sequence can help you to recover many abandoned carts.

Account Registration
Requiring customers to register for an account is an extra step that can cause them to abandon your site or shopping cart. Allow potential customers to check out as guests.

Optimize Website Speed
People don’t have the patience to wait for a slow website to load. Make sure to test your site for a good shopping experience and see if the product pages load in a reasonable amount of time and if the checkout page loads well.

Shipping and Handling Costs
Knowing how to reduce shopping cart abandonment caused by high shipping and handling costs is essential. If customers find that your shipping and handling costs are high, they are likely to leave the site. One way to handle this is to offer free shipping and cover the shipping cost in the product price. Another way is to offer free shipping if the customer spends a certain amount. Avoid adding extra charges like a processing fee.

More Time to Decide
Sometimes customers are not yet ready to buy. Including a wish list function helps them to keep a list of products they are interested in buying that they may want to get back to later. Do not require customers to create an account to use this functionality.

Offer a Money Back Guarantee
Offering a solid money back guarantee can help to overcome buyer objections. Since users cannot experience the products they are buying like they would in a physical retail store, they don’t know the quality they will get. Offering a money back guarantee helps to reassure them.

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