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7 Tips for Improving Your Ecommerce SEO


By improving your SEO strategy for your eCommerce website, you will not only get more traffic, but you will also boost your product sales. These ecommerce SEO tips will help you to increase your profits.

Maintain a Blog
Maintaining a blog for your eCommerce site will help your SEO strategy because search engines favor sites that regularly post unique, relevant content. Having a blog also allows you to share more information about what you offer and you can post the blogs across social media.

Image Optimization
The images for your eCommerce site should be high quality and people should be able to zoom in to see the details. Optimize the SEO for the images by adding a unique description and by adding the meta title and alt tag. Use your keyword in each.

Product Descriptions
Search engines do not like to see duplicate content. Since there are many websites on the internet that may be selling the same products from the same supplier, it is important to change the default descriptions that you may receive from your supplier into your own unique descriptions.

Optimize Site Navigation
The site for your store should look clean and professional and be easy to navigate. Make it simple for your visitors to search your site and to find products they might want to buy by providing sub categories for your products. Also, offer clear product descriptions that explain products and product details that are not self-explanatory.

Optimize the Product Link
Another tip for eCommerce SEO is making sure that your product URLs indicate exactly what you are selling. For example, if you are selling a “rose gold tulip earring”, then that is what you should use in your URL.

Loading Time
A site that does not load quickly can affect user experience and cause visitors to leave the site. So make sure that your site and images are optimized for fast load speeds.

Regularly offering sales and coupons will also help to create more engagement and sales for your site.

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