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How to Write Effective Copy for Landing Pages


The ability to create compelling content is the key to marketing success because it ultimately leads to higher conversions. This is especially true when creating ads and landing pages for campaigns. In this article, we discuss how to write effective copy for landing pages that will help them to convert.

Creating Landing Page Copy that Increases Conversions

Formatting Your Landing Page

The key points of your copy should be at the beginning of your page, above the scrolling fold, because many people will not scroll down the page. Make sure to properly format your landing page copy so that it is easy to look at and read. You can include colored checkmarks, bold letters, italics, etc. 

Use Words that Inspire Action

In your copy, use words that inspire action, especially when you create a list of bullet points that explain how the visitor will benefit from your offer. It works well to use action words in each bullet point. Here is an example:

This mini-course will show you how to:

●  Create YouTube ads to generate more customers and revenue for your business.

The above bullet point not only tells the reader what they will be able to do after they have taken the mini-course, but it also tells them the result that they will be able to achieve from that. This is a powerful way to write copy.

A visitor should be able to quickly identify what your page is about and what benefits they will get from what you offer, otherwise, they may quickly leave the page and not convert.

The Landing Page Title

The title of your landing page should use an action word and lead to the bullet points that outline the benefits. If you are running ads to the landing page, the title needs to be relevant or similar to the title in the ad so that visitors can quickly identify that they are in the right place.

Match the Landing Page Copy to the Ad

Here is another important point that will help you to write effective copy for your landing pages and increase conversions. The text on the landing page should match the ad text. It does not need to be exactly the same but needs to use similar words and preferably use the same image.

Give Ownership to the Visitor

Use words that give the ownership of your offer to the visitor. This will connect them more to the offer. For example, instead of writing “Download Our Free Guide”, it is better to write “Download Your Free Guide.”

Condense Your Copy

Once you have written a draft of your copy, condense it down as much as you can to include only the necessary words and points. Most people don’t have the time or patience to read long copy so if they are quickly able to scan through your page and understand what you offer, it will help you to boost conversions. Use strong statistics and social proof wherever appropriate.

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