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Web Design Trends to Try for Your Site


Web design is a continually evolving industry that involves changes to elements such as layout, functionality, color, and typography. These components are influenced by culture, news, and fashion. Web development is now about more than just creating an attractive website; it is about creating a great user experience and telling stories. Here are some of the key elements of web design trends today.

More Authentic Imagery
In web design, we are seeing fewer stock photos being used because people want to see authentic photographs that relate to the business. The images used on the site should serve a purpose. Pictures of your company’s team are great because they let potential customers see who is behind the brand. This begins the trust-building process.

Comic strips, illustrations, and cartoons are also being used more frequently because they can be great for explaining a topic, product, or service.

Grid and Card Layouts
In the card/grid web design layout, cards are laid out in a grid that visitors can click on. This concept was made popular by the layout of pins on Pinterest. This layout format helps to create an easier browsing experience for visitors because it organizes the information in a simple visual way which is more easily digested by the brain. A great way to use this type of layout is to create a grid for case studies for your business.

360º Degree Videos
360º videos can create an amazing interactive experience for website visitors. This technology can be used in many ways. It can help people to understand how a product works or show a location such as a house for sale or a vacation spot.

Interactive Forms
Forms are an important part of a business website for gathering information about visitors such as feedback, bookings, and subscriptions. Forms that are interactive and more user-friendly improve the customer experience while helping business to gather important data more efficiently. Plugins such as CaptainForm allow companies to create web forms that are customizable and intuitive.

GIFs are one of the hottest web design trends. They can make your site more interesting and highlight important components such as sales and product best sellers. One of the benefits of using GIFs is that they do not have a big impact on site load speed. But be careful not to overuse GIFs. When used well, they add a surprise factor to your site and can get you higher user engagement and visitor conversions.

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