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9 SEO Tools to Guide You in Your Website Audit


Whether you are checking your website’s health or have an ongoing campaign that needs a bit of tweaking, it is highly recommended to perform SEO audits.

Conducting SEO checkups may mean extra work on top of running a campaign. However, it is better to pinpoint areas that can be improved or leveraged than to stick with the original strategy that may bring limited performance.

In this article, we discuss some SEO tools for your website audits:

Google Keyword Planner – the search queries used by your audience to look for your business online can change over time. Hence, it is always a good idea to audit keywords that you are currently using to make sure that they are still practical. Google Keyword Planner should still be your first go-to tool as you can directly access search information.

Google Analytics – an indispensable SEO tool, Google Analytics allows you to evaluate your website’s organic search traffic, conversions, landing pages, bounce rates, and keywords.

Google Search Console – another important tool in your SEO arsenal, Search Console is invaluable in ensuring that all your onsite optimization, link building, and content creation is meeting the target search traffic for your website.

SEM Rush – this is an essential SEO tool for your website audit. This tool is powerful when performing competitive research analysis. You can verify every backlink that your competitor has made use of and their traffic, along with the traffic source, bounce rate, and their SEO keywords.

Moz Open Site Explorer – domain authority is one of the most popular metrics offered by Moz’s Open Site Explorer. Domain authority’s scores range between 0 to 100, indicated by factors determined by Moz’s analytics. A website with a higher DA is more inclined to rank higher on SERP. Moz also ranks page authority, which is useful for landing pages or category pages on your site. 

Majestic – trust flow and citation flow are two main metrics of the Majestic tool. These metrics are determined by the quantity and quality of linking domains. They are potentially useful for audit, owing to the specific nature of the metrics. Majestic also provides a more in-depth analysis of link factors, allowing users to determine the health of their website’s backlink portfolio.

Pagespeed Insights and GT Metrix – SEO checkup should always involve evaluation of a website’s load speed. Google’s PageSpeed Insights should be a staple software when it comes to measuring site speed. For investigating speed issues, use GT Metrix.

W3C Validator – Use W3C’s Markup Validation Service to check errors in the code for your developer to resolve.

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