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5 Tips for Designing an Impressive Home Page

The home page of your site needs to clearly and quickly convey what your business offers and needs to catch a visitor’s interest. The home page is usually the first page of your site that people see and should also convey your brand and style well. Deciding how you should design your front page and what to put on it requires some planning. Here are some tips that will help you in this process.

1. Create a Layout
Some website platforms such as WordPress have themes you can purchase that include home page templates. This can make it easier to create a home page because you have a structure you can follow. You can also create a picture of the layout you envision by drawing it or using a design program such as Photoshop, which will help guide you in the process of creating your page. Remember that your page should be easy to navigate, clean and clutter free.

2. Insert a Slideshow or Video
A slideshow at the beginning of your page can instantly get the attention of your visitor. Include professional quality pictures in your slides that relate to what your business offers and add titles, subtitles and buttons to the slides.

Your titles and subtitles should include keywords that you have researched for your business. Ideally, your titles should be four to seven words long and your subtitles should be ten to fifteen words. Some slideshow tools also allow you to place videos into the slides. Videos are great for demonstrating how a product works.

3. Add Relevant Content
Here are some content elements that you can include on your page:

•  Insert areas that describe the benefits and features of your offers
•  Include a list of products and services
•  Add an introduction about your business
•  Add featured blogs
•  Insert images or links that lead to other areas of your site

4. Add Calls to Action
The home page of your site should showcase other areas of your site and provide links to them. Your most important calls to action and links should be above the fold. When you create your layout design, you should consider where your calls to action will be. Here are some ideas for calls to action that you can include:

•  An image and link to a product such as a book or a store product
•  Newsletter sign up
•  A product on sale
•  A button or link for scheduling a call or making a reservation

5. Add Credibility Indicators
Adding social proof to your home page can help to begin the trust building process with a visitor. Here are social proof elements that you can add to your home page:

•  Testimonials from clients
•  A list of clients you have worked with
•  Awards that you have won
•  Licenses and certificates you hold
•  Money back guarantees
•  Social media icons for visiting your profiles, connecting with visitors, and sharing content

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