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5 Landing Page Design Elements for Increasing Conversions


The design of your landing page can significantly influence conversions. Even making small changes can have a big impact. Here are some tips to help ensure that your designs are the best they can be.

5 Landing Page Design Elements You Need to Convert Users

Be Aware of the Colors that Your Audience Likes

When considering landing page design elements, in your color schemes, take into consideration the colors that your audience likes. Since color is one of the first things that people see when they visit your brand, it can influence their decision to interact with your company. Your niche can also influence the colors that you use. For example, if your niche is hiking, you will probably use a lot of green. In general, men and women like different colors. Both men and women like blue the most. But the second favorite color for women is purple, and green for men. So if you are targeting both men and women, blue would be the best color to use.

Call-to-Action Button Color

According to studies, a red call-to-action button outperforms green, and a moderate blue color outperforms orange. However, the surroundings of the button can also influence the effectiveness of the CTA button color. Avoid having a button color that blends in with the other elements of the page design. For example, if the main color of a page is green, don’t use green for your call-to-action button color because it will not stand out.

Button Size Matters

The size does count when it comes to call-to-action buttons. The button needs to be large enough to stand out but it should not be so large that it affects the user experience. These days, the internet is more often viewed on mobile devices rather than desktop computers. Therefore, making the CTA button too large can result in decreased conversions on mobile devices. Another interesting thing to be aware of is that it has been found that it is good to use a call-to-action button that is 20 percent bigger than your logo.

Be Aware of User Flow Optimization

When creating landing page design elements, consider user flow. This involves the steps that visitors must take to complete a goal, such as filling out and submitting a form. It is best to avoid adding extra elements that can interrupt this flow. Because extra form fields on a form can interrupt the flow, it is best to only request the bare minimum fields, such as email and name, or just email.

Increase Your Credibility Using Trust Elements

People do business with those that they like and trust. So even if you have a great offer and copy, you will not convert if people don’t trust you. Therefore, it is important to include effective trust elements. Just by using a trust seal, you can get twice the conversions. Include secure seals and enable SSL to ensure visitors that your site is secure.

Add social proof to show that you have gotten great results for others. Also, clearly display your contact details on your site. Make sure that your site loads fast, looks great, and works as it should. 

You’ve already done the first part of your job by guiding people to your landing page. Now you have to keep them there. Create a landing page design that attracts users while keeping them interested. Once you check off all the boxes on your landing page design elements, the conversions will follow.

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