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4 Landing Page Tips for Better Conversions


Want to gain more leads without spending extra money on your ad campaigns?

Here are four landing page tips you can experiment with to increase your conversions:

Sharpen your Copywriting Skills

Stick with the essential! Good basic copywriting skills can make or break your campaign.

Write with your audience in mind. Use humor to spice up your landing page. Don’t be afraid to use stories to make things interesting.

What to Do

Make sure your ads and landing page copy are fresh. Revolve your ads around trending themes that appeal to your prospects.

Perform A/B tests to determine which copy resonates the most with them.

Optimize Call-to-Action Copy

Your button copy is an essential element in your landing page because it aids your prospects in deciding why they should click your CTA button.

Unbounce ran an experiment by changing the button copy from “Start Your 30 Day Trial” to  “Start My 30 Day Trial”. The change resulted in a 90% increase in CTR.

What to Do

Run a couple of A/B tests to find the button copy that is most likely to have the highest CTR. The best copy might seem too wordy or lengthy. However, it does not matter if that version gets the most number of conversions.

Opt for a Static Page

Marketers think that it is a good idea to use a slider page to promote several offers at the same time. However, too many choices can overwhelm your customers, ultimately driving them to not making any decision.

Instead of fancy sliders, one of the simplest yet more effective landing page tips you can implement is using a static page.

What to Do

The most effective way to reach multiple audiences is to create different landing pages targeting your different audience segments.

With individual landing pages, you have more real estate to elaborate on the numerous features and benefits of your offer without fatiguing your prospects.

Reduce Form Length

Asking for too much information can be draining for your customers, making them either delayed in their responses or offering no response at all.

Research by Unbounce showed 25% conversion rate for forms with only 3 fields compared to 15 % for forms with more than 6 fields.

What to Do

The goal is to have the form filled out as soon as possible. You can achieve this by eliminating unnecessary fields.

Limit the fields only to what is really needed. Most of the time, what you really need is just the name and email address. Request the other details later as you go further down the sales funnel.

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