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6 Tips for Using Facebook Ads to Increase Your Online Store Sales


Using Facebook ads to generate sales for your online store can be very effective. In this article, we cover some tips for maximizing your impact with Facebook ads.

1. Structuring Your Ad
Begin your ad with a headline that will get the attention of your ideal customer. Then state what your product is and what it does. Give people an incentive to click. The end of your ad should have a good call to action such as “Shop Now” or “Learn More.”

2. Stock Level and Limited Items
One way to get buyers to take action now is to let them know that your product is a limited edition item and you only have a specific amount left in stock. For example, your ad might say, “Limited edition bag, only 100 left in stock.”

3. PreQualify Your Sales
Prequalifying is great for reducing the number of curiosity clicks – people who only click on your ad because they are curious, but not necessarily qualified to buy. You can reduce curiosity clicks with some simple strategies:

♦  Display the price of your product in your ad to discourage people who can’t afford your product from clicking your ad.

♦  If your product is only intended for a certain group of people, such as female business owners, mention that in the ad.

♦  State conditions of purchase such as shipping location and purchase method.

4. Limited Time Offers
By offering limited time promotions and using effective action words, you can increase your sales. Some of the best action words to use are “only”, “hurry”, “act now”, and “limited time.”

5. Image Optimization
The images you use for your product should be clear and attention grabbing. People like to see what a product looks like both close up and far away so using a graphic that has both types of photos on it can increase conversions. Images of people should be close up and show emotion – a happy smile works well. A person in an image should face the text to give attention to it. Another effective method is alternating between close up images of the product and close up images of people.

6. Using Triggers
Combine irresistible offers with trigger words that prompt people to take action now. Some of the most popular trigger words to use are “new”, “lowest”, “great”, “cheap”, and “free.”

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