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How to Improve Your Email Campaign Response Rate


Email campaigns remain a great way to connect and stay engaged with your target customers. However, it’s important to know how to optimize them to get the most out of your time. Here are some tips for how to get your audience to open, read, and reply to your messages to improve your email campaign response rate.

Creating Powerful Business Email Campaigns

Write a Strong Subject Line

To increase the open rates of your messages, you must know how to create an effective subject line, every time. It should grab the attention of your audience, make them curious to learn more, and entice them to open the email. However, avoid subject lines that sound gimmicky or spammy. You can analyze the effectiveness of your headline by using a tool such as an Email Subject Line Tester by CoSchedule.

Should You Use Emojis?

Using an emoji in your subject line can work well to grab attention. However, don’t overdo it by using many emojis. Using an emoji in the body of a message, such as a smiley face, can make you seem unprofessional. So this is not the best choice for a business email, especially when sending an email to contact someone for the first time.

Keep Your Message Short

Shorter messages, up to about five lines, tend to improve your email campaign response rate. This is because people can quickly get through them and respond fast. Make the message easy to read by adding spaces between sentences, using bullet points, etc.  Also, send your messages at times that are ideal for the time zones of your audience.

Use Supporting Data

Using social proof and statistics in your messages makes you look more credible to your audience. When presenting numbers, using digits rather than writing out the numbers in words, is more effective.

Specify Your Call to Action

Your message should have a clear call to action. Vague questions such as “What does your schedule look like next week?” will not get you as much of a response. Instead, ask the person for a specific time for meeting with you or send them a link to a calendar where they can schedule an appointment. Another idea is to create a video of yourself where you ask them for a meeting. You can also provide your calendar link below the video.

Use their Name

Email campaign providers allow you to automatically enter the name of the person you will be sending a message to, into the message, by using a name field. If you have the names of the people you are sending messages to, you should definitely use this feature. Using a person’s name helps to personalize the message, and therefore results in a better response rate.

People like to see their names, and it gets their attention. You can use their name at the end of the message to thank them. In addition to using their name in the body of the email, it can also work well to use it in the subject line.

Are you looking to send effective email campaigns to your target audience that will get great open rates and responses? Get in touch with us today.

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