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How to Boost Your Email Open Rates


Email marketing remains one of the top marketing strategies that can help to increase your sales to your targeted audience. It can also help to supplement your paid advertising and social media efforts. How you use subject lines and the wording in your emails can significantly impact conversions and whether or not people will click on the links in your emails.
Your subject line should grab the attention of your audience and make them curious to learn more. Here are some subject line types that can help you to accomplish this.

1. Curiosity Subject Line
The curiosity subject line creates mystery around what the email is about and makes the reader want to know more. The result is that they click to look at the email. This type of subject line can also effectively direct your audience to your site or landing page. Some examples of the curiosity subject line are: “I Have Two Surprises.”, “Have You Seen This?”, “What Others Say Does Matter, In this Case.”, “This Simple Trick Will See You Double Your Sales.” Use these types of subject lines only occasionally because overusing them can turn people off.

2. Urgency Subject Line
Urgency subject lines create a sense of urgency or scarcity and encourage customers to act now or else they may lose the chance to get an offer. Some examples are: “limited time offer”, “office closing down tonight”, “exclusive bonus ends at midnight”, and “limited places left”. A good way to get ideas for email headlines is to look at emails you receive in your inbox and see which subject lines effect you and make you open the email. Also, ask yourself if you would open your own emails with the subject lines you are currently using.

3. Results Subject Line
The results subject line type lets the reader know exactly what they will receive if they open your email message. For example, they might get tips on a particular subject, get more information about something, or get help to get better outcomes in a certain area. An example of a results subject line is “Download this free Report and Triple Your Holiday Sales.” In this example, what the reader will receive is indicated (the Report), the outcome is included (Double Your Holiday Sales), and we also have an action word (Download).

4. Social Proof Subject Line
The social proof subject line entices the reader to join something that others are a part of. The reader joins out of fear of being left out from something that everyone else has. Examples of the social proof headlines include “Thousands of others have____,now it’s your turn.” or “Check out this article that has been featured on____media channel.”

5. Mixing and Matching Headlines
Avoid using just one type of subject line all the time. Give your audience variety so that they don’t see the same type of subject line all the time. You can mix and match the various types of headlines. For example, you can combine a results subject headline with an urgency headline or a social proof headline with a curiosity headline.

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