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5 Ideas to Optimize Your Email Marketing Strategy

Optimizing your email marketing can make a significant difference in your email conversions. The following tips will help ensure that people will look at what you have written in your messages and click on relevant links that lead them to your site and to your offers.

1. Make the Most of Your Links
The way you include links in your email messages can make a difference in conversions. When you create text links, link 7-10 words to make the link stand out. Also link the images you use in your message to your site.

Include a clear call to action and include links to your main offer in several places. At least one link should be at the beginning of your message so that people don’t have to scroll down to find the first link.

2. Keep Your Messages Short and Concise
People are busy. A short message helps to ensure that people will read what you have written, quickly get an idea of what you offer and make a decision to buy. Also, spam filters may flag long messages which can result in your messages ending up people’s spam boxes.

3. Add Social Media Share Buttons
Encourage the spreading of your messages by including social media share buttons in your emails. You can add your own or use the share button tools provided in the newsletter templates of many newsletter providers such as MailChimp, Aweber, and Contant Contact.

4. Test Your Messages
Before sending out your messages, always review them to make sure they look good, check for spelling errors, and make sure that all links work. Send a test copy to yourself to see how your message looks.

5. Personalize Your Messages
Email messages that use a person’s name instead of a company name work better. For example, “mjones@xyzcompany.com” would convert better than “marketing@xyzcompany.com.”

Also, it is best to send messages from a real person’s name rather than a company name. A message sent from “Mary Jones” at XYZ Company would convert better than a message from XYZ Company. A combination of a person’s name and company name can also work well such as “Mary Jones, XYZ Company.”

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