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5 Email List Building Tips to Make Sales Online

Email List Building

Building a list of email subscribers continues to be one of the most effective marketing techniques that can generate sales for your business. Here are some tips for creating a strong list of subscribers.

1. Develop Lead Magnets
Since most people are not ready to buy something from you as soon as they land on your site, it is important to create lead magnets that will get people to know, like, and trust you. The giveaway should be brief and easy to digest, such as a short PDF of tips, a useful excel spreadsheet, or a calculator. It should also be something that the prospect would be very interested in downloading because it provides them with a lot of value.

2. Know Your Audience and Offer Solutions
Identify who you audience is, where they participate online, and what solutions they need. Do some research to find out who is already providing them with valuable products and services. Develop your own solutions for them and offer those solutions via giveaways, online courses, e-books, etc.

3. Create Opt-In Boxes
Include your giveaways in as many places as you can. You can put opt-in boxes within blog posts and at the end of your posts. Adding pop-up boxes to your site also works well to collect email addresses, as does adding opt-in boxes at the top of your site.

4. Create Opt-In Pages
The opt in page you create should look professional and have a great title. On your opt-in page, only ask for email address and name because the more information you request, the less likely people are to fill out your form. Include great looking graphics and social proof logos. Also include easy-to-read text with bullet points that explain your offer. The text that you place on your opt-in button is also important and should have a call to action.

5. Set Up an Autoresponder Sequence
Create an autoresponder sequence to automatically send emails to your new subscribers. In your first email, include a link to the giveaway that you had offered them. Emailing your subscribers from time to time can help you to build a relationship with them by providing valuable content. This will make them more likely to buy when you offer to sell them something in the future.

6. Promote Your Lead Magnet
You can drive traffic to your lead magnet using Facebook ads. Your giveaway an also be offered on your Facebook fan page. You can also promote your offer via social media posts.

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