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5 Emails to Send to Leads in Your Funnel

Emails to Send to Leads

By sending certain emails to leads who are in your marketing funnel you keep them engaged and encourage them to take actions, such as purchasing from you and referring you to their friends. Here are 5 emails to send to leads in your funnel.

1. Introduce Yourself
When leads first enter your funnel, many are not yet ready to buy so do not start by trying to sell or talking about your products. Instead, build trust by informing them about you and your brand. Let them know who you can help and who you cannot help so that they understand that you are not offering a magic solution to their problem. It is best to use a friendly and informal style of writing that everyone can understand when creating emails to send to leads.

2. Warm Up the Lead with Engagement
In your second email, warm up the lead by sending them content that is relevant and valuable to them such as free webinars and case studies. This will help to create a stronger relationship between you and the lead and get them ready for your sales offers.

3. Encourage a Purchase
By the third email, people will be familiar with you and your brand and will have engaged with your content, so you can start selling your product or service by discussing the benefits that the reader will get from it. Remember to sell the benefits of your product or service rather than its features.

Your copy should make leads imagine how great it will be and feel when they achieve the benefits that your product or service offers. The emails to send to leads can include discounts that encourage them to buy right away.

4. Engage Again
By the fourth email, some people will probably have bought from you. So now you can also engage customers with content, not just new leads. Emails that are segmented and targeted to a customer’s interest have better open and click-through rates.

If someone has bought a particular product from you in the past, you can send them a message related to that to help re-engage them. You can also create time sensitive offers such as offers that are only valid for several days and offer a free gift to people who have not purchased from you in a while.

5. Brand Advocates
People who have purchased from you a few times and have had positive experiences with your brand can become brand advocates for you. You can target these customers and send them messages asking them to share your brand with people they know. Their friends will likely have similar customer avatars, making them a good fit for your product or service.

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