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12 Ideas for What to Include in Your Newsletter

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Sending out a monthly newsletter is an essential part of the marketing strategy of your business. When you communicate with your subscribers on a regular basis and provide them will valuable content, they will get to know who you are and remember you and the services you offer. In turn they will be more likely to purchase from you. Also, building your newsletter subscribers overtime is important, just like building your business. But what should you include in your newsletter?  Here are some ideas:

1. Connect to Your Blog
Write a blog on your website and put the introduction to it in your newsletter. Then add a link that leads to the rest of the blog. Also include a picture that is related to the blog. You might also add links to additional blogs to read.

2. Focus Section
A focus section can be used to concentrate on a particular topic.  For example, if you are a chef, you might focus on explaining the origin of a certain type of dish.

3. Topic of the Month
You can add a section to highlight something for that month. If it is cooking, you might highlight a recipe of the month.

4. Inspirational Quote
Inspire people by including an inspirational quote. The quote can be in text or graphic format.

5. Tips
Include a tip related to your business. If your business is related to cooking, for example, you might include a tip about how to cook a certain meal.

6. News
You can include news related to your business, company news, or news that is happening in the world.

7. Check This Out

You can use a “Check This Out” section to direct people to something they might be interested in or something you are offering.

8. Recommendation

You might decide to recommend a product or service in your newsletter. Recommending another businesses in your newsletter is a great way to form partnerships with other businesses – and when you recommend others, they recommend you back.

9. Book Review or Recommended Reading

Let people know about some books that can help them with something they are interested in. Whether it is business, health, relationships or self- development, people want to improve.

10. Include Information about Your Business

You can have an “About Us” section in your newsletter with a link to your site so that people can learn more about you. Here are some additional things you can include about your business:

♦ Picture of Yourself

♦ Free Consultation

♦ Special Offer

♦ Visit our Site button

♦ Nice Things Clients Say

♦ Schedule a Call Button

11. Promote a Product  

You might mention something you are selling in your newsletter such as a book. You can include a picture of the book with a link to it. You can also advertise courses you sell.

12. Sharing Your Content
Invite people to share the content you have provided. You can have a section for this or just include a link to “Forward to a Friend.”  Also invite people to connect via social media.

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