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Maximize Search Engine Marketing Campaigns

Search Engine Marketing is described as the Yellow Pages of the 21st century and is the most lucrative form of online advertising for small businesses. It is a perfect way to target customers looking for a specific product or service and can yield very high results.

The first place customers look when researching a product or service is a search engine, “Google it!” With search engine marketing, we can get your advertisement on top of Google almost immediately. By implementing search engine marketing or pay-per-click advertising campaigns, we can put your business right in front of your target customer.

SEM consists of small text ads, typically called Sponsored Links, which appear at the top or to the right of the search engine results pages on Google, Yahoo, Bing and various partner sites. Search engine marketing advertisements look like organic search engine results, which people don’t recognize as advertisements.

Search engine marketing has generated millions of dollars for our clients and can generate traffic to your website almost immediately. But, in order for a search engine marketing campaign to be successful, there are some things every small business owner should know.

It is important to have a search engine marketing expert managing your campaign

Any online marketing effort needs experience, knowledge and focus to become successful. Our experienced team of dedicated Google Adwords specialists, including a Google-Certified Ph.D physicist is here to help you optimize your campaign.

-We research the keywords that are most likely to send qualified visitors to your website.
-We create keyword-rich, small text advertisements that appear at the top of Google.
-People search Google for the keywords you specified, then click on your ad.
-You pay the cost per click.
-You get more traffic and sales!

You should hire someone who has the tools to monitor your campaign performance

We can track the costs, transactions and revenue generated from every online advertising campaign down to the keyword-level. We accurately measure your return on investment and make modifications to your campaigns to achieve profitability. We typically aim for a conversion rate of 1% (orders/unique visitors) or better when starting out. Average order value (AOV), cost of goods, cost per customer, and return rates also contribute to the success of an advertising campaign. Measuring several variables and making unique campaign adjustments results in success.

However, be forewarned that search engine marketing can cost from a few hundred to several thousands of dollars per month. It is also not for everyone– especially those with limited budgets, low conversion rates, and a low average order value. Before diving head-first into search engine marketing, do yourself a favor and contact us for a 100% free consultation. We can save you a lot of money, trouble and heartache.

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