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Write a Video Script to Produce an Engaging Video


When you create a video for your business, you want to tell a story that captures the attention of your audience and has them taking an action at the end such as signing up to receive a free checklist, free course, or product trial. For best results, it is important to plan the stages of your video. Here are some tips for how to write a video script.

Creating an Outline
The first step to creating your video is to create an outline to guide you in the process. This outline should identify the goal and topic of the video and the audience that it is intended for. It should also identify what the viewers should learn from it and the main points you want them to remember. Also, establish the call to action that will be used.

Writing the Script
Your script should be around 1-2 pages long. Write it in a natural, conversational tone to match how the person in the video will speak. Make the sentences short and easy to say. Be as thorough as possible while also being concise. Remember to use tone and humor that your audience can relate to. Consider the age and gender of your audience and their interests as you write a video script.

Also, consider where you will be posting your video. For your website, you might want to create a longer video that goes into more detail, but for posting to Facebook, you might condense the video so that people can get through it more quickly. In general, shorter videos are more engaging.

Script every word that will be used in the video rather than trying to come up with what to say during filming. By scripting every word, you will be as organized, clear and concise as possible and you will save a lot of time because you will not need to do lots of re-dos or editing.

Include any necessary details in the script such as details about characters, scenes, transitions, and sounds. Use different formatting for text overlays, voiceovers, and other details.

Editing Your Script
Once you have completed the writing of your script, cut out any unnecessary content by doing 2-3 rounds of edits. Reading the script out loud will help you to know where to make sentences more concise, conversational, easier to understand, and relevant.

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