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How to Plan a Webinar for Your Business


Knowing how to plan a webinar and deliver it to your audience can be a major key to growing your business. There are many benefits to doing webinars. They teach your audience about a problem and solution while positioning you as an authority on the subject. They also help you to get leads and make more sales while saving you time since you can show the webinar to many people at one time. In this article, we discuss how to plan a webinar for your business.

Planning a Webinar

Choose Your Topic and Offer

Decide on an offer that you will present toward the end of your webinar and choose a topic for your webinar that is related to this offer. Your offer should be something that your audience can afford to buy and will find useful enough to want to purchase. You can poll your audience to find out what they might need help with, or look at conversations they have in groups to find topics.

Create an Opt-in Page and Email Sequence

Create an op-tin page where people can sign up for the webinar. Wordstream has some great ideas for how to create an effective webinar landing page. Also, set up an email sequence to remind people to join the webinar and to give them more value to build trust. Remind people a day and an hour before the event starts so that they won’t forget. You can also create an incentive for joining the webinar, such as a chance to win a prize.

Add Bonuses

It’s best to focus on a specific topic for your webinar and include bonuses when selling your product or service. Consider the objections that people might have when you present your offer and address them. To help you to sell, you can include scarcity strategies such as creating an offer that will soon expire or adding bonuses that people can only get for a limited time.

Create Your Script and Slides

When you are working on how to plan a webinar, write out a script for it and then transfer information from the script to your slides. To get ideas for how to structure your webinar, you can watch some successful webinars from influencers. You can start out with an introduction where you talk a little bit about yourself, then tell your audience what they will learn. Show results and testimonials to back up your claims.

Present Your Offer

Once you have built value and trust, show your offer and then the price. Present your offer as a great opportunity that is worth the cost. Be specific about where your visitors need to go to get your offer. Have a link ready for where they can buy. Show your bonuses and testimonials. Also, eliminate any objections. You can allow people to ask questions on the webinar to help you eliminate objections.

Market Your Webinar

Knowing how to plan a webinar is just the first part of the process. Once you webinar is all ready to go, you also need to have a strategy for marketing it. There are various ways to market a webinar including paid advertising, such as Facebook ads. You can also promote them on your social media channels, in e-books, on your site, etc. Create a plan for your promotion.

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