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How to Create and Market an E-book


Did you know that a majority of online book sales these days are e-book sales, rather than physical book sales? Writing your own e-books can help you to create another income stream, position you as an expert in your niche, and identify the topics that your audience is interested in. You can even use an e-book as an offer for email opt-ins. In this post, we will go over some ideas for creating and marketing an e-book.

Creating and Marketing a Successful E-book

Decide on Your Subject

You may believe that you know what subject to choose for your e-book. However, the best way to know for certain is to do research. You can poll or survey your target market, look at analytics from your site and social media, and conduct trend and keyword searches.  

Research the Competition

Amazon.com is a great place to look at popular e-books in your niche. If there are already many books on a topic you want to write about, consider creating a book on a new topic. Look at the rating sections of books to see what people liked and disliked about certain books and what they thought was missing or could be improved. This will help you to create a book that people will truly be satisfied with.

Writing Your E-book

To write your e-book, begin by creating an outline. Brainstorm ideas for chapters, sections, and subsections. When it comes to creating a title, choose one that has the following elements:

●  Makes people curious
●  Is interesting and unique
●  Is relevant to your niche
●  Clearly explains your book’s subject
●  Includes keywords so that you will be found in searches

Once your material is written, make sure that you convert it to an e-book format such as PDF.

Creating Your Cover

The cover design that you choose to create for your book is a very important aspect of it because it will help you to market your book. The design, colors, and fonts that you use can help your book to stand out from the competition. If you have design skills, you can try to design the cover yourself. You can use templates to start from or use a book cover maker, such as the one from Canva. Another option is to have a professional designer create your cover.

Marketing an E-book

Setting Up a Waitlist

Before you have even completed your e-book, you can start to market it by creating a waitlist for it. You can do this by designing a landing page where you tell people about the book. Let them know that if they opt into your list they will get a notification once the book is complete and they will get a special offer when they purchase.

Selling When the Book is Completed

Once your book is complete, you will also need to market it on your website, blog posts, email list, and social media channels. When creating a sales page for your book, remember to include important elements such as videos, testimonials, your reason for writing the book, etc.

Another strategy for marketing is to create a sales process for your e-book in which people first download a helpful guide on a topic that is related to your e-book. Inside this guide, there will be information about getting your e-book.

You can also market your e-book through e-book marketplaces such as Amazon, and set up affiliate programs where others can help you to promote your product.

Do you need assistance with creating or marketing your e-book? Get in touch today!

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