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How to Create a Case Study for Your Business


A case study describes what your product or service did for a particular customer and the results that you were able to get for them. Including case studies on your website can help you to gain new business because potential customers see what you were able to achieve for past customers who were in a similar situation as they are. In this article, we discuss how you can create effective case studies for your business that will help you to increase conversions.

Creating Case Studies that Lead to More Customers

Writing for Your Target Customers

Write case studies that your target customers can most relate to. For example, if you work with dentists, chiropractors, and plastic surgeons, you can create a case study for each of these niches. This will show potential clients in each of these areas that you understand their niche and how to get results specifically for them.

Creating the Structure

Create a consistent structure for your case study stories so that each example on your website will be clear and easy to follow. Here are some of the sections that you can include:

● The customer that you were working with and their niche.
● The problem that the customer was experiencing or the goal they wanted to achieve.
● What your strategy was for achieving results and platforms and tools that you used.
● What resulted in the achievement of the solution.
● What the results were. You can include numbers here.

Formatting Your Case Studies

Make sure that your stories are presented attractively, with professional images. You can include logos or images of the clients you worked with. You might even include videos and testimonials. Your text should be easy to read – use headers, bold and italic text, and bullet points where needed.

Using Numbers in Your Presentation

To create a case study that is as strong as possible, use specific numbers when discussing how you helped the customer get results. For example, you can use a chart that shows how much sales went up for a client over a specific time frame.

Promoting Your Case Studies

Make sure that your case studies are easy to find on your website so that potential clients can quickly refer to them when they are browsing your site. You can have a link to them on the top navigation bar. There may also be times when you are in a meeting with a potential client and they ask for case studies. If you have them on your site, you can easily refer to them while in the meeting. You can also print them out and take them to your meetings.

When you create a case study, also remember to add a call to action at the end, encouraging your target audience to get in touch with you. You can share the case studies on your social media channels so that potential clients will see what you can accomplish for them.

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