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Facebook Ad Tips for 2020

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In 2020, Facebook has remained a top social media platform, used both by individuals and businesses. Facebook advertising has also grown in popularity as businesses have realized its power for creating brand awareness and attracting new customers. Facebook ads provide the ability to specifically target audiences. The platform has also become popular for selling online courses. However, as time goes on, Facebook makes changes to its platform, and marketing strategies also change. Here are our Facebook ad tips for 2020.

Facebook Ad Strategies for Campaign Success

Adjust Your Budget

As Facebook advertising is becoming more competitive, it is becoming more important to have higher budgets for campaigns. It is also important to have a high enough budget so that Facebook can efficiently collect data on the audiences that you want to target. A higher budget means that the system can collect more data and optimize your campaigns faster in order to achieve good results. 

Try Chatbots

In 2020, chatbots are expected to continue to be used by more and more businesses. Customers like using chatbots to get answers to their customer service questions. These bots can quickly answer common questions that might otherwise take much longer to get answered when calling a customer service department by phone. The other benefit of these bots is that they can be used similarly to email campaigns to deliver lead magnets and other information. They can also be used in conjunction with Facebook ads.

Optimize for Mobile

One of the most important Facebook ad tips is to optimize for mobile. Did you know that a vast majority of Facebook advertising is done on mobile devices? This means that your ads should be created in a way that is well suited for these devices. People scroll through information more quickly on mobile versus desktop devices so it is important to get and keep their attention by being concise and to the point.

Try Search Ads for Facebook

Search ads for Facebook are a new ad feature that Facebook will be rolling out to a broader audience. Since some Facebook users shop on Facebook, you can use Facebook search ads to target people who are looking to make a purchase. These ads are similar to Google ads. However, with Google ads, you can pick keywords to target. With Facebook ads, rather than you picking keywords, Facebook uses keywords from your business page.

Create an Ad for a Promotion

Creating an ad for a contest is a great way to promote your brand, products, and services. You can get creative with various ad styles, such as video ads, and target your ideal audience. You can target several different kind of audiences such as the followers of your business page, people who have participated in a promotion before, or past customers. Retargeting people who have joined a contest that you held in the past is a great way to keep them informed about new contests that they can participate in.

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