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Creating a White Paper for Your Business


Have you wondered whether creating a white paper for your business would be worthwhile? According to a Forbes article on the effectiveness of white papers, “79% of B2B buyers listed white papers as the material they were most likely to share with colleagues.” So, depending on your business model, in addition to writing blog articles, creating white papers may be a good option for your marketing.

What are White Papers?

Blog posts for businesses are usually 500-1000 words long and are based on topics related to a certain business. White papers, on the other hand, can be several pages long and are structured as reports with supporting data, such as statistics and charts. The purpose of a white paper is to educate a specific audience about a certain topic, to provide a solution for them, and to help them to make a buying decision. It can also help a business to create credibility with their audience.

Steps for Creating a White Paper

Decide on the Topic

Choose a topic for your white paper that would help your audience to better understand an issue or to solve a problem. To get ideas for topics, you can ask your audience directly through surveys, polls, and posts. You can also ask team members you work with about what challenges your customers are experiencing. Choose a title for your white paper that clearly explains what the report is about.

Organize the Content

Start by creating an outline for the white paper, including the topics and sub-topics that will be covered. Create an introduction that summarizes the report and how the reader will benefit from it. List the main points that the white paper will cover.

Write the Content

Remember that a white paper is usually read by professionals. Therefore, it should have a professional tone. Writing the content can involve doing a considerable amount of research as you find sources to support your points. Doing great research can help you to stand out as an authority in your niche. Focus on writing the content first, and proofreading second.

Promoting the White Paper

Create a strategy for how you will promote the white paper. This is just as important as creating a white paper because you will want as many people to see it as possible. Remember to include information in your white paper about how the readers can get in touch with you, including your website, email, and phone number.

Promote the white paper in your newsletter, on your social media networks, and on your website. You can offer some tips from it and tell people that they can download the whole white paper to learn more.

Creating White Papers Consistently

By consistently creating white papers in a certain area, you can become dominant in search results for certain key phrases that are related to that area.

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