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When to Use Facebook Ads Versus Google Ads


You may be wanting to do pay-per-click advertising for your business but aren’t sure if you should choose Google Ads or Facebook Ads. Both are major platforms for displaying ads but may result in different results for you depending on your business type and goals, such as making more sales or creating brand awareness. In this article, we will help you to understand the difference between the two platforms and to decide whether to use Facebook Ads versus Google Ads for your campaigns or if using both may be a good option.

The Difference Between Facebook Ads and Google Ads

The Facebook Ads Platform

Facebook Ads target people in their Facebook feed. People on Instagram can also be advertised to, through the Facebook Ads Manager. There are many targeting options when using Facebook Ads, including targeting people based on interests, location, behaviors, demographics, income, age, and gender.

When advertising with Facebook Ads, the advertiser sets the amount they want to spend, when and how long the ads will run, and the placement of the ads. There are also various options for campaign types such as getting traffic or leads, and options for various ad types, such as single image ads or video ads. However, since social media users are not specifically looking to purchase products when they are on social media, you may need to create a sales funnel, where the visitor goes through several more steps before they are converted to a paying customer.

The Google Ads Platform

Your Google Ads are displayed in the top search results of Google when someone searches for keywords that you chose to use for your ads. Google Ads are created in the Google Ads Manager and only use text for advertisements, including headlines and descriptions. An advantage of using Google Ads is that searchers are using specific keywords to find products and services. Therefore, they usually have a high intent to purchase. For example, if someone is specifically searching for “woman’s black athletic 11 wide shoes”, and your ad is specifically about this, the visitors are more likely to click and purchase.

Deciding Which Platform to Use

Facebook Ads versus Google Ads – which should you use? Remember that whether Facebook Ads or Google Ads should be used for your campaign can depend on your type of business and goals.  

When to Use Google Ads

Use Google Ads when advertising straightforward products or services that people search for on Google and need to have for everyday living. In these cases, since people are in the buying phase, it is best to use ad copy that is clear, concise, focused on benefits, and has an effective call to action.

When to Use Facebook Ads

For more complex products that may not have an obvious benefit, or for products that may be wanted rather than needed, Facebook Ads can be more effective than Google Ads. Facebook Ads can also be more effective for creating brand awareness for products or services that people may not be familiar with, and for campaigns that may require multiple steps for taking the visitor through a purchasing process.

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