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How to Use Instagram for Lead Generation


Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms. People especially enjoy sharing their photos in this space. It has also become a top way for businesses to promote images of their brand and to interact with their audiences. According to Facebook data, a vast majority of people on Instagram follow a business on the platform and use it to help them decide whether or not to make a purchase. In this article, we explore some ways that you can use Instagram for lead generation.

Generating Leads Using Instagram

Advertising to Your Instagram Audience

Through Facebook Ads Manager, you can not only advertise to your Facebook audience, but to your Instagram audience as well. Lead ads can be a great way to begin. With these types of ads, you can easily collect information on your audience, such as their name and contact information. Facebook can even prefill some of this information, increasing your chances that people will submit the form.

You can use the information that you collect from ads to create Facebook Lookalike Audiences, which will be similar to the audiences that you were originally targeting.

In addition to lead ads, there are various other types of ads, such as conversion ads, that you can set up through Facebook to target your Instagram audience. These types of ads are often used if your objective is to make sales on your website.

Create a High-Converting Landing Page

An alternative to using lead ads is to create your own landing page so that people will be taken to that page once they click on your ad. The landing page often has a free offer, such as a free download, in exchange for collecting information from the visitor, including their name and email address. Your landing page should deliver on the call to action that you had promised in your advertisement.

Organic Instagram Lead Generation

In addition to doing ads, there are also organic methods that can be implemented for Instagram lead generation. One of these is to use Instagram Shopping which allows you to make shop-able Instagram content using product tags. You can collect information on which of your products are most popular by seeing which ones received the most clicks. You can also re-target people with ads who showed interest in your products through engagement.

Creating Instagram Contests

Sales and promotions are common on Instagram. People also love participating in contests and having the chance to win a prize, so this can be a great strategy to use both for creating awareness of your products and services and for collecting leads that can convert to sales. The easier you make your contest, the more people will participate. For example, you can simply ask your audience to write a comment on a post and the best answer will win a prize. Also, working together with an influencer can help you to expand your reach.

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