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How to Use Gamification in Marketing


Gamification is a way of using games in your marketing strategy to boost engagement and purchases for your products or services. You can use a game for doing a Facebook ad campaign, for example. Gamification can take a campaign to the level of success that it needs. However, it is still not used widely, so it can give you an advantage in the marketplace.

How to Create a Gamification Strategy for Your Business

Some Examples of Gamification

Using Gamification in your marketing does not need to be complicated. In fact, keeping it simple can work best. The game should be related to the product or service you are trying to sell. For example, if you have a store selling frames for glasses, you can create a game where people can try on different frames virtually to see what they would look like on their face. Then, you can recommend that they purchase the ones that they like the most.

Another example of using gamification is creating a memory quiz, sending the results to the participants by email, and recommending a memory product to them.

You can also create games where customers can accumulate points for purchases and will win a prize when they have achieved a certain number of points.

Consider Who is Your Audience

The type of game that you create will depend on your audience and industry. Consider the age and income level of your audience and the problems for which they may need solutions. For example, a salon might have products for people with different types of hair. So they could walk online visitors through some questions to find out the type of hair they have and then recommend products to them based on their hair type.

Establish Your Marketing Goals

Determine what your marketing goals are. Are you trying to increase product or service sales, brand awareness, followers, reach, site visits, or signups? What part or branch of your business are you trying to grow?

Research and Test

A great way to get ideas for your games is to do research and to look at games that others, including your competitors, have used. What results were they able to achieve? How did they incorporate the games and selling their products or services? Did they give any rewards or discounts? You can even use testing websites or testing groups to test out your ideas.

Start with a Basic Game

You can start out with a basic game to test out how your audience responds to gamification. For example, you can post an image and simply ask your audience to find something hidden within the image. Your games should be challenging enough to keep people engaged, but not so challenging that many people will just give up and leave.

There are more advanced forms of gamification in marketing that may require the development of an app. An example is a makeup app where women can virtually try out how various colors of makeup will look on their face.

Could your business benefit from gamification?

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