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How to Start and Grow a Facebook Group


Creating and managing a Facebook group can be a great way to build loyal followers for your brand who are in your target market. You can share various types of helpful content in your group and do live training. Your followers will get to know, like, and trust you as an influencer. By having a Facebook group, not only do members have the opportunity to learn from you, but they can also connect with and learn from others in the group.

Hosting a group can also help you to grow your email list and to sell courses. Another benefit is that Facebook does some promoting of your group organically. In this article, we cover some tips on how to start and grow a Facebook group community.

Creating a Facebook Community

Know the Purpose of Your Group

A lot of dedication is required for running a Facebook group successfully, so make sure you are fully committed before jumping in and that you know the purpose of your group. Brainstorm ideas for content that you will provide in the group. Think about the type of content that your ideal customers would benefit from. Also, consider your end goals. Some of your end goals might be to sell products or services to your audience and to become an influencer in your niche.

Establish Your Target Market

The more specific you are about who your target market is, the better you will be able to attract them. For example, if your target market is women entrepreneurs, then make the group for women entrepreneurs instead of creating just a general business group. Your group will also be easier to find if it is specific rather than general and broad.

Setting Up Your Group

Here are some tips for setting up your Facebook group:

●  Create a closed group to make the content exclusive to people who you approve to join.
●  Make the group description specific and clear to attract the right audience.
●  Make sure to ask people questions when they join. These questions can help you to identify ideal members and customers for your business.

Create a Facebook Page

One of the ways you can grow a Facebook group is by posting about it on social media. Create a Facebook page to post about it on your page. You will also be able to use this page to create Facebook ads to promote your group. In the description section of your page, add a description of your group and a link to it. You can also add a pinned post to your page that promotes the group.

Growing Your Group Organically

You can use organic or paid strategies, or a combination of the two to grow your Facebook group. One way you can get more signups to your group is by promoting it in your newsletter. You can also promote it in related groups or ask group owners if they would like to help you promote it if you promote their group in exchange or give them something else of value.

Using Facebook Ads to Grow Your Group

Facebook ads can specifically target the types of people you want to attract into your group, so they are a great option for growing your group quickly. Getting the best results possible with Facebook ads involves testing elements such as images, copy, offers, and targeting. At Mission Web Marketing, we can help you to create and grow a successful Facebook group for your business. Contact us today!

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