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How to Scale Facebook Ads


Facebook ads can be a great way to create brand awareness for your business and sell more of your products and services. However, people are often unsure about how to scale Facebook ads. Scaling ads properly will help you to reach your business goals faster. In this article, we explore this topic. There are two main ways to scale, both apply to various niches, including lead generation, e-commerce, and coaching. These two ways of scaling include vertical and horizontal. Below we discuss these two types, how they differ, and when and how to use each.

Horizontal Scaling Versus Vertical Scaling

Horizontal Scaling

Horizontal scaling is used when you have a winning ad set that is getting great results. You duplicate that ad set multiple times, also increasing the budget, depending on how many duplicates you make, which is usually around 3-4 times. This method of scaling is best to use when immediate scaling is needed because it is a very fast way to scale and your ad spend quickly goes up.

Be aware that when working with small audiences, using horizontal scaling can be difficult to work with. Duplicating the ad sets can result in them stalling and not delivering good results.

With horizontal scaling, when you are dealing with large audience sizes, such as nationwide audiences, and you want to scale quickly, usually you will want to make sure that you only scale when you have validated great soft stats. This means that you should have a good cost per lead, good click through rates (CTRs), and good cost per clicks (CPCs) on your ad set. And then, in order to scale, you would duplicate that ad set and change the manual bid on each of those duplicate ad sets to a different manual bid amount.

Vertical Scaling

In addition to horizontal scaling, knowing how to scale Facebook ads vertically is another area to master. In contrast to horizontal scaling, vertical scaling is used when you want to scale slowly. It is the safer way to scale, especially if your goal is to get the lowest CPA possible. It is also best to use this type of scaling when you are working with very small audiences.

Basically, the process is to find the ad set that is getting you pretty good results, go in the ad set and increase it. You gradually increase the ad spend of your winning ad set every 2-3 days by about 16% to 20%.

Vertical scaling is used when you are using auto bidding and you are still in the stage of validating offers, audiences, and creatives for your Facebook ads.

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