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How to Increase Engagement in Your Facebook Group


Keeping engagement alive in your Facebook group by adding relevant posts and answering questions is important for making sure that your group stays relevant and continues to grow. The purpose of having a group is to create trust with your audience, understand the problems they have, the solutions they need, and to offer these solutions after you have built a good connection with them.

A group that has a high level of engagement is also more likely to be promoted by Facebook and found in searches. Here are our tips for how to increase engagement in your Facebook group.

Boosting the Participation in You Facebook Group

Send an Intro Message to New Members

You can begin building rapport with new members of your group by tagging them and sending them a welcome message in which you introduce yourself, your group, and offer something for free. Each week, Facebook will show you the new members that have joined, so you can use this information. You can also ask new members to add an introduction of themselves into your group. This will help get conversations going.

Position Yourself as An Expert

To build trust, it is important to position yourself as an expert. A great way to do this is to occasionally create a post or Facebook Live where you allow members to ask you anything that is on their mind that is relevant to the group. This also helps to boost your group engagement.

Create a Poll

Creating a Facebook poll is a great way to increase engagement in your Facebook group and to find out what your members need help with or would be interested in purchasing. For example, you could create a poll asking members to choose from 3 topics they would like to have a course build for. You might also create a poll that asks members what they need help with currently. You can look at trends in your industry to see what may be a good topic to create a poll about.

Set Up a Posting Schedule

Creating a regular posting schedule, where you post a certain type of post on each day of the week, will help to keep your posting and group engagement on track. For example, you might do a Facebook Live each Monday, and on Fridays, you might let people promote themselves. Everyone loves to promote their own business, so this is a great way to get additional group participation.

See Who Your Major Participants Are

Facebook Group Insights allows you to see who the major participants of your group are. It’s a great idea to thank these people occasionally by posting a thank you note in your group. You can also give away special gifts to the top contributors.

Engage with the Members of the Group

Remember to engage with the posts of your members by liking and commenting on them. This will help to keep the interactions going. If you don’t have time to do this yourself, you can get help to keep your group heading in the right direction.

Are you looking to increase the engagement in your Facebook group? We can help you to manage your group and boost participation. Get in touch today!

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