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How to Grow a LinkedIn Group


Setting up your own LinkedIn group can be a great way to create a community of people in your niche who will see you as a leader and can become clients or customers. In this article, we discuss the benefits of having your own group and how to create and grow a LinkedIn group.

Setting Up and Growing Your LinkedIn Group

Creating a group allows you to attract your target audience to a location where they can get to know, like, and trust you. This can also make it easier to send a connection request and be accepted, increasing your network. Group members will see group threads in their feed. People can also discover your group through a LinkedIn search.

Finding the Right Name

When creating a name for your group, choose one that contains a keyword that your target audience might search for. Specific keywords help to attract the audience you want. You can also include a city name in your group name if the group is only for people living in a certain city.

Setting Up the Group

Create an authoritative presence for the group by adding a professional banner and logo. In the About Section, speak in the language of your target audience as you clearly describe the purpose of the group, who the group is for, and how members will benefit from participating. Remember to use keywords.

Define your group rules, including whether or not certain promotions are allowed and topics that are not allowed to be discussed in the group. It’s important to enforce the rules so that people won’t spam the group.

In most cases, you will want to create the Standard Group type, which allows the group to show up in search results and for members to invite new members.

Creating Content for the Group

Before you start inviting members to the group, and before you grow a Linkedin Group, create several posts that would be of interest to your target audience once they land into the group. To help get conversations going, you can ask new members a question such as what challenges they are facing currently. You can also create posts that help members to solve a specific problem or discuss topics in the industry.

When new members join, welcome them by mentioning their name and ask them to share something about themselves and why they joined.

Adding Members to the Group

With a Standard LinkedIn group type, you can invite connections to your group that fit your target market. People can also find your group on LinkedIn and ask to join. To make sure that the right people join your group, you can choose which requests to accept. Create a list of criteria for who you will allow to join your group.

Grow a LinkedIn Group

There are several ways that you can grow your LinkedIn group:

● Invite people to the group from inside of a lead magnet.
● Invite people to the group from a lead magnet thank-you page.
● Mention the group in a follow-up welcome email.
● Mention the group in newsletters.
● Share it on your website navigation bar, sidebar, blog post, or exit popup.
● Post about it on social media.

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