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How to Do Keyword Research for YouTube Videos


Are you looking to grow your YouTube channel views and subscribers? One of the major keys to growth is to make videos on topics and keywords that people are searching for. An advantage of doing YouTube SEO is that YouTube videos often appear at the top of Google search results, as well as appearing on YouTube. In this article, we discuss how to do keyword research for YouTube videos.

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Finding the Best Keywords for YouTube Videos

Create a List of Topics and Subtopics

If your topics are too broad, your keywords may be too competitive. On the other hand, if your topics are too narrow, you may not have enough people searching for your keywords. So the key is to find the right balance. To help with this, list the topics for your channel from the broadest to the narrowest categories and subcategories.

Here is an example: Jewelry -> Necklace -> Choker Necklace -> How to Make a Choker Necklace -> How to Make a Choker Necklace with Loom.

Use YouTube AutoComplete

One way to do keyword research for YouTube is within the platform itself. To get ideas, you can search for topics on YouTube and look at the autocomplete. For example, if you enter the keyword “How to Make a Choker Necklace”, YouTube will show a list of other ideas such as “How to Make a Choker Necklace with Beads”. You can check Google Trends to see the search volume for the keyword.

Look at the Competition

Doing research on your competition is always a good idea whenever you are doing marketing research. Take a look at the types of keywords that your competitors are using in their successful videos. In addition to keywords, also identify the tags that they are using.

Identify Keywords and Search Frequency

Use a keyword tool that can give you accurate information about YouTube data. Some tools only give information about Google searches, which is different than YouTube. One of the tools that you might try is https://ahrefs.com/. Look for keyword ideas related to your main keyword. To do this, you can search for keywords that contain your root keyword and words from your subtopics.

Before choosing to use a keyword, make sure to check whether or not it is a declining keyword. Sometimes a keyword may be popular for a short time due to product or fashion trends, but then it experiences a decline.

Understanding Search Intent

It’s important to understand the primary search intent for a keyword so that you will know what people will expect to see if you use that keyword for your video. You can search for the keyword on YouTube and look at the top results to get an idea of this.

YouTube Advertising

If, in addition to doing SEO, you want to create more traffic for your videos, YouTube ads can be a great option. You can create ads for keywords that are related to your video.

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