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Create a 30-Day Challenge for Your Target Market


Creating a challenge for your target audience that is 7 days, 14 days, or 30 days long, can help you to increase online engagement and followers. It can also help you to add new subscribers to your email list and ultimately generate more sales. Usually, the challenges are at no charge to the participants and email or Facebook groups are used to present the content for the challenge. Here are our tips for how to create a 30-day challenge.

Setting Up Your Online Challenge

Establish the Focus of the Challenge

The first step to creating your challenge is to establish your focus. You can create a challenge for just about any area that your audience is having difficulties with. For example, if your audience consists of salespeople, you could create a 30-day cold-calling challenge.

Each day, you could send participants tips and instructions via email. Also, have a Facebook group for the challenge where they can post comments. You can even invite experts to help with various areas of a challenge. If you create a short one, such as 7 days, make sure that there will be enough time for people to reach the goals of the challenge.

Create the Challenge Sign Up and Email Sequence

To allow participants to sign up for the challenge, create a signup page with a signup form. You can put the page on your website and make the challenge evergreen so that people can sign up for it when it is convenient for them. You can also consistently share the signup form on social media.

Create a message to welcome people who sign up, and set up an email sequence to send out emails for each day of the challenge. In these emails, you can promote services and products that are related to the challenge.  

Setting Up Your Facebook Group

Setting up a Facebook group for your challenge can have several benefits: the members can connect with each other, ask questions, and answer each other’s questions. You can also add inspirational and educational posts to the group. Add some posts when you are first launching the group so that the group will have content from the start.

Add the challenge participants to the group and create a professional group banner. Usually, you will want to create a closed group so that only those people who have signed up for the challenge can join it.

Product and Service Promotions

Inside of the challenge, you can promote products and services you own, or that affiliates own, by providing links to them in your content. You can also give special offers, such as discounts or coupons. For example, during your challenge, you might show how you use a special day planner for planning your tasks, and then have a link to a page where people can purchase the planner.

Promoting the Challenge

Once you create a 30-day challenge, you will want to promote it. Here are our tips:

● Promote it in your newsletter and on social media.
● Add it to your website and blog articles.
● Post about it before the launch to generate interest.
● Use Facebook advertising to promote it to a targeted audience.
● Offer rewards to people who complete the challenge.

Are you looking to set up a challenge? We can help you to create it and manage it for you. Get in touch today!

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