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Blueprint for Creating Facebook Ads for Local Businesses

Facebook ads can be a very effective way for a local business to drive new visitors into their location and increase customers and revenue. So if you are not doing the ads, you could be leaving money on the table as your competition, who is doing ads, grows. In this article, we outline the general process of creating Facebook ads for local businesses.

How to Make Money Running Facebook Ads for Local Businesses

Identify the Purpose of Your Campaign
Facebook offers various campaign choices for different types of campaigns, so it is important to identify your goal with your campaign.  For example, is your goal to drive traffic to a page on your site, get more page likes, increase email subscribers, or increase the customers going to your location?

Areas to Focus On
When creating Facebook ads for local businesses, here are some areas to focus on:

1. Consider how far people will travel to the business location and target a radius around your location.

2. You can target precisely by age, gender, demographics, interests, behaviors, location, etc.

3. Test audiences, offers, text, images.

4. Track results in Facebook such as cost per click, click through rate, landing page conversions, and the number of leads.

5. Track increased engagement from the ad (shares, likes on an ad, comments, page likes), which build social proof.  People will engage with the ad and tell others about you. This can also help you to get more customers.

The Offer for the Ad
The Facebook ad for a local business usually has a one-time discounted offer that targets ideal new customers. For example, an ad for a salon might offer a hair treatment package. Once a lead becomes a customer, they may remain a customer for many years and buy even more products and services.  They may also refer others, which increases the customer’s value even further. 

When creating Facebook ads for local businesses, think about what types of offers you can give to various segments of your audience. For example, for a salon, one segment might be brides-to-be who want their hair done, a second segment might be people going to homecomings, a third might be maternity shoots, and the fourth might be the general public.

The Landing Page
When the lead clicks on the ad, they can be redirected to a landing page. On the landing page, they opt-in to get the offer.  As they do, the page collects their email, name, or phone number. The landing page can be built on your site or on a third-party platform such as Lead Pages or Click Funnels.

The Thank-You Page
After opting in, leads can be taken to a thank-you page where they can book an appointment or call you.

Notification System
You will get the opt-in information about the lead via an email or text message notification. The lead will also get an email or text message. The message can let them know that you will call them to follow up. The faster you follow-up, the better.

Your email list will grow from the landing page opt-ins. Use it to send offers, product information, news, and tips.

Recurring Sales
Give customers incentives to return. You can do this through email campaigns and giving additional offers to customers. After 3 visits, they are likely to become long-term customers!

Leveraging the power of Facebook ads for your local businesses is a win-win for both you and your customers. They bridge the gap between what users are looking for and your product. Facebook ads are an easy way to target local customers and promote your products. Don’t miss out on this amazing marketing opportunity!

If you want to give customers a great online experience, contact us today! We’ll set you up with an expert team of marketers and web developers ready to help.

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