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7 Tips for Marketing to Millennials


The Millennial generation, which includes people in their early twenties to their mid-thirties, has seen a lot of new changes in technology throughout their lives. This has made them skilled in using online tools and makes them a unique group of people to market to. Here are some tips for marketing to Millennials.

How to Market to the Millennial Generation

Use Video Marketing

Since it is now common to watch videos on phones, many shoppers make a purchase after watching a video for a product or service. So it is important to include video marketing as part of your plan for advertising to the Millennials.

Focus on Mobile Advertising

As you may have guessed, Millennials spend the most time on their phones, compared to other groups, so mobile advertising works the best for reaching them. This includes marketing to them using Facebook and Instagram advertising with ads that display well on mobile devices.

Use Targeted Advertising

When marketing to Millennials, avoid creating general advertisements. It is important to create targeted campaigns that reach the specific group of people who would be interested in your products or services. These campaigns should speak specifically to the interests, needs, or wants of the group.

Give them Quick and Easy Access

Because Millennials are savvy with technology, they prefer to quickly find answers on their own when searching for information online or when looking at the online presence of a company. So, create a website that has pages where visitors can quickly and easily find information such as FAQ, contact information, policies, help guides, and information about products and services.

Maintain a Blog

Before making a purchase, Millennials like to gather information. One of the ways that they do this is by reading blog posts. Therefore, it is a good idea to maintain a blog as part of your Millennial marketing strategy. Your blog posts can help to build trust by showing your expertise in your niche and giving visitors information about your products or services.

Communicate Authentically

Growing up in the digital age, Millennials have seen a lot of advertising. Because of this, in order to get their attention, your message needs to stand out and sound authentic. Millennials prefer casual conversations so the tone of your copy should be conversational in order to build a relationship with this demographic.

Give them a Unique Experience

Millennials tend to want to have a unique experience when making a purchase. Here are some of the things they are looking for when they buy:

● Elements that help them to relate to a brand
● Positive interactions with a brand
● Making a purchase because they want to support a cause

Since Millennials want to have a memorable experience when they purchase, concentrate on making the advertising copy appeal to their emotions and what it will feel like when they have achieved the benefits that your products or services offer.

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