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6 Best Facebook Contest Ideas


Creating a Facebook contest can help you to increase your followers and target customers, and boost participation from them. It can also help you to grow your list of email subscribers. Before you create a contest, be sure to read the current Facebook contest guidelines.

Games or contests often make for successful campaigns because they are fun and interactive. The type of contest and campaign you create can depend on your business type. In this article, we will go over some fun Facebook contest ideas for you to try.

Facebook Contest Ideas to Grow Your Engagement and Sales

Run a Quiz Contest

Creating a quiz is one of the best ways to get participation from your target audience because people like quizzes and enjoy sharing them with others. You can email the results of the quiz to each participant, which will enable you to also get people on your email list. To be eligible to win a prize, you can tell participants that they must post a comment on your contest post.   

Ask for an Image Description

One of the easiest Facebook contest ideas for an image contest is posting a picture and asking your followers to write a description for it. Using a funny picture can work great. This can get you a lot of engagement as people enjoy getting creative with their responses and reading and commenting on the responses of others. 

Have Participants Submit an Image

Asking people to submit a selfie image of them using your product, and a description for it can help you to gain pictures and testimonials for your product. Your audience can vote on which image they like the best. Make sure to let participants know that you may be using the content they submit on your website and in other places so that you have permission from them.  

Offer Different Choices to Vote On

Asking your followers which choice they prefer from some posted images is a great way to get engagement. For example, you can post 4 different versions of a new logo you are considering for your brand – choices a, b, c, and d, and ask people to vote on which they like the most and why.

Another type of contest where participants can vote between different choices is when you post images of some of your products and ask your audience to vote on which one they like the best, for a chance to win the product.

Ask Participants to Fill in the Blank

Fill in the blank type of contests are another great way to get engagement because they make people think about creative responses. Also, people read and try to top the responses of others in the comments.

Ask Your Audience for Ideas

Your audience can give you great ideas about new and existing products. They can help you to improve products, name them, and improve your processes and strategies. So having an idea contest can be a win-win both for your business and for your customers. You can award a prize for the best idea.  

At Mission Web Marketing, we can help you to create the best type of Facebook contest for your particular brand. Get in touch today!

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