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Understanding Search Behavior to Improve Your Marketing Campaign

Search Behavior

To meet the needs of today’s users, campaigns should be optimized to create value for users, drive higher conversions, and increased visibility.

In this article, we take a closer look at profiling and understanding search behavior to attract new customers and increase conversions.

The Importance of Search Behavior

Over the years, search results have changed focus from catering to webmaster needs to understanding search behavior. As people started searching for smarter content, marketers followed suit by creating engaging, detailed content.

Google responded to these changes by raising the results that it considers relevant to a searcher, based on profile information that it collects about them. So, when it comes to building your own campaign material, it just makes sense to use the same technique of gathering market profile information.

Collecting Search Behavior Data to Design Customer Profiles

Segmenting users into customer profiles is a process that facilitates the creation of targeted and personalized advertising that is more likely to increase conversion, customer trust, and brand loyalty.

Segmenting prospects by interests, location, and the type of content consumed are the most effective methods in building a customer profile.

It can be done through organic and paid searches, with both channels leading to different customer bases across various platforms.

You can also use existing data with your current customer base by leading users to dynamic pages that mirror organic searches, paid advertising clicks, and geolocation:

Organic searches: uncover valuable customer profiles of users who are already interested in your brand. Applying this information to your SEO strategies results in an opportunity to cater to a receptive audience who will benefit from the data and who may have abandoned conversion if they haven’t been given access to the information that they were searching for.

Paid searches: picking the details from user interests gathered from entrance pages, and user behaviors on a web page to create effective keyword strategies and landing pages.

Geolocation: just like with organic search, creating customer profiles based on geography can help you to discover opportunities to attract and cater to users, as well as decrease abandonments due to irrelevant content.

Creating personalized landing pages and ads to attract your target audience is a good strategy.
Using geographical data, you can design customer profiles for your target audience, serve specific imagery to visitors in various locations, combined with relevant CTA’s.

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