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How to Boost Your SEO with Google Trends


Google Trends equips digital marketers with the freshest information on how people search the world’s leading search engine. It provides insights into people’s underlying desires, beliefs and behaviors when they interact with the search engine.

It can segment trends by geography, product category, content topic, and date. With its latest development, Google Trends has expanded its features to include News, Shopping, Images, and Youtube.

Read below to learn tips on how to boost your SEO with Google Trends:

1. Keyword Research

Google Trends is an excellent tool to complement Adwords Keyword Planner. The fresh data on Trends uncover new patterns and elements that help enhance your existing keyword list.

SEO is progressing from plain keyword matching to a more sophisticated semantic relevance.

To stay competitive, you must build keyword lists that contain the spectrum of your audience demand. It would be to your advantage to target trending queries before they peak, as competition is lower.

2. Make comparison search trends across Google search engines

The inclusion of News, Shopping, Images and YouTube filters on Google Trends opened a new door of SEO opportunities for marketers.

For instance, Image Search has become a vital source of SEO ideas. Not only does it generate numerous search queries, but it gives valuable insights similar to popular social media platforms.

These new filters can be accessed from a drop-down menu at the top of the results page. Segment the data by city or sub-region and you can see suggestions for related image search queries.

Trending queries are also highlighted, which makes it logical to use Google Trends for research.

3. Evaluate and forecast seasonal peaks

Analysis of peaks and dips in consumer demand is perhaps one of the most important uses of Google Trends for SEO.

Google Trends can assist you in finding keywords before your competitors as it uses real-time data to recommend new topics.

4. Create reactive content using trending topics

Another valuable feature of Google Trends is the ability to access real-time search data.

Clicking on a story can point you to an array of featured articles and a detailed breakdown of search interest and published articles over the last 24 hours. Further analysis shows search interest by state, related queries, and topics.

This feature alone establishes Google Trends as a reliable source for marketers to create reactive content on the website, social media, and online in general.

To work on real-time data, take the URLs of featured articles and use SEO software to source keywords that the page ranks for. Doing this can help you gain insight into how fast a web page can be indexed and ranked, along with the number of semantically-related queries one page can rank for a small amount of time. In short, this can assist us to understand how Google processes and prioritizes fresh content.

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