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How to Write Cold Emails Effectively to Get a Response


There are about a dozen methods you can use for getting in touch with people who are not familiar with you. Some of these include phone calls, walk-ins, events, postcards, SMS, social media, and cold emailing. You may also use a combination of methods for your business. In this article, we examine how to write cold emails effectively and increase the chances of success with this method.

Create a Strong Title
The title of your message will determine whether or not people will open your email, so creating a strong title is essential. There are tools available that will help you to analyze the effectiveness of your title.

Allow People to Unsubscribe
You may think that allowing people to unsubscribe will reduce your response rate, but people are actually more likely to respond to you when there is no pressure and they see they have a way to opt out.

Personalize Your Message
One of the best tips for how to write cold emails that capture the attention of your audience is to personalize your message. This takes longer to do than sending the same template message to everyone, but the receiver will not see a personalized message as spam and therefore will be more likely to respond to you.

You can personalize the message by mentioning something from their profile that they are interested in, something you have in common, or a social media post they posted that got your attention.

Focus on the Benefits to the Customer
Rather than talking about all the reasons for working with your company, such as past accomplishments, talk about the potential customer’s needs and how you can help them. Keep your message short and easy to read by using brief paragraphs.

Include a Call to Action
Include a call to action at the end of your message. You may ask the person to schedule a call with you, visit your site, etc. Do not try to sell them something right away. A good strategy is to ask a question to keep the conversation going.

Follow Up
Follow up with the potential customer with another message or call about three days after you sent your initial message. There are many reasons that they may not have responded to you. For example, they may have overlooked your email in their mailbox or were too busy to respond. By following up with them, you continue the conversation which can lead eventually to a sale.

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