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How to Create Contests to Sell Online Products Effectively

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When selling products online, it is important to be in the right places, have a good message that engages your audience, and to not come across as too salesy. Creating contests is a great way of accomplishing this. In this article, we discuss some of the important steps to creating effective contests that will make you stand out when you sell e-commerce products.

How to Create Successful E-commerce Contests

Create a Contest to Promote Your Product

People love contests so this is one of the best ways to promote a product and launch a new one. There are many different contests that you can do, but it’s best to make the contest simple and make it as easy as possible for contestants to enter. Giving away something for free generally works very well since everyone loves free stuff. For example, you can do a contest that you post on social media to give away a free item from your store to anyone that reposts and tags you within 24 hours.

Give Away Something Related to Your Business and Audience

When you create contests to sell online products, and you are giving away something, it is best to give away an item from your business that is relevant to your target audience so that you attract the right people. For example, if you sell swimsuits for women, by giving away a swimsuit from your store, you can attract the right audience. If you were to give away something that both men and women would be interested in, then you would also attract men, who are not your target audience.

Establish the Rules of Your Contest

Remember to clearly state the rules for the contest, such as who can enter, when, and how a winner will be selected, the deadline for entries, and when the rewards will be given out. Establishing clear rules will avoid confusion from participants. Let your audience know that the contest will be coming soon.

Getting Participants on an Email List

Your contest may involve having people engage on your post or having them enter their email address on a page so that you can continue to communicate with them after the contest has ended. Not all the leads that you capture via email will be valuable, so evaluate them before you enter them into your CRM. You will save money by removing the bad emails. One way to remove the unwanted leads is to set up a confirmation email autoresponder. You can delete the addresses that don’t confirm. Sometimes, people attempt to enter contests with email addresses that are not real, so this process will help to eliminate those addresses. Also, remove duplicate emails. There are software tools that can help you to clean up invalid emails.

Create List Segments

You can make more profit by segmenting your list. Identify the segmentation options that will benefit your company the most. For example, you might filter by location or zip code so that you can send different messages to people in different seasons. You can also filter by past customers, industry, age, gender, and more. After your list is segmented, you will be able to send specific messages targeting each segment.

Give Entrants a Special Offer

After you create contests to sell online products, and your contest has ended, make every entrant feel like a winner by giving them a special offer. For example, you can send a store coupon to the people that did not win. This can help to further boost your sales.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to bring in e-commerce customers through contests. Whether it’s through email, social media, or both, your audience will love connecting with your brand. After all, people tend to like getting things for free!

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