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How Google Customer Reviews Affect Shopping Ads


In a report by Merkle, it was revealed that 84% of online shoppers are influenced by reviews. The same report stated that the majority of ad clicks for brands come via Google Shopping ads.

These ads can be very effective. Here are a couple of case studies:

A brand saw a 272% return on ad spend when they ran segmented shopping ad campaigns.

Another brand had a 425% increase in new customer transactions. That’s four times the revenue from just one type of ad.

This means you have a golden opportunity to highlight the value of your product and make more sales, with Google Shopping Ads and reviews.

Google Shopping Ads Background

Google Shopping ads are one of the choices offered to advertisers within the Google Search Network. This type of ad allows you to promote your product on the search engine results page (SERP).  To advertise, link your current Google Ads account with Google Merchant Center and follow the guided tour to set up your products.

With Google Shopping ads, you can sell your product with an overall rating.

How Google Customer Reviews Affect Google Shopping Ads

The most notable feature of a shopping ad on Google is the five-star scale, called the Google Seller Rating.

The Google Seller Rating is an automatic extension of your Search Network ads that gets added when your product receives a five-star review. Be careful to maintain that status though. A slide to a four-star rating can affect your ad spending budget and overall SEO score.

To activate your Google Seller Ratings, you first need to receive enough Google customer reviews. You need a minimum of 150 reviews before Google adds these reviews on your ads. You also need to make sure that the average rating of all your reviews is at least 3.5 stars or you risk losing your Google Seller Rating.

How to Get More Positive Google Customer Reviews

Here are some strategies to help you generate more Google Shopping Ads reviews:

  1. Use Google Customer Review automation to capture your ratings right after a customer purchase.
  2. In addition, you need to develop a strategy to receive more reviews:
  • Email your customers. If you feel uncomfortable emailing, you can use these email templates for requesting a review online.
  • Provide incentives like discounts or special offers.
  • Create shortened links to your Google reviews by using tools like Grade Us. You can use it to send email and SMS messages to your customers. You can also send it to Facebook Messenger or add it to your Facebook chatbots. Learn the art of conversational selling with chatbot marketing.
  • Share feedback and social proof from satisfied customers in the copy of your product and landing pages.

So if you haven’t done so already, we recommend focusing your e-commerce energy on Google Shopping Ads and making the most of your Google Customer Reviews. You’ll get more exposure, gain consumer trust, and boost sales. Who knew user interaction could be so important?

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