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5 Tips for Selling Your Products on Instagram


Instagram has become a great platform for e-commerce businesses for selling their products. Since it is an image-based platform, many users purchase products from it that they see and like. Here are our tips for making the most of your time on this platform and generating sales.

How to Market Your Brand on Instagram

Create an Effective Profile

For selling your products on Instagram, the first step is to create an Instagram profile that will attract your target audience and will make them want to follow you and interact with your brand. Here are some things to consider:

● Create an informative short description that tells your audience who you are and what you do. Include a keyword, a call to action, and a link for learning more. Including an emoji or two can also be a fun addition and can get more attention and engagement.

● Fill out any additional information that you can, such as contact information and links to other profiles you might want to show. It is also a good idea to create and use unique hashtags for your brand, which you can add to your profile. You can use these hashtags for contests and they also make it easier for your followers to find more of your content.

Run Contests

Everyone loves a fun Instagram contest, so creating one can be a great way to promote your brand and sell your products. Before running a contest on any social media platform, make sure to look at their current contest requirements. Here are some tips for creating effective pictures for your Instagram contests:

● Create an attractive image that shows what the person can win and list what is included.
● Include action words such as “Win”, and a call to action to enter the contest.
● Use a special hashtag for the contest.

Make the Most of Instagram Stories

There are many creative ways that you can use Instagram Stories to promote your e-commerce products. Here are some ideas:

● Grow your email list by giving something away in exchange for a visitor’s email address. To do this, use Instagram Stories to promote a video or picture, which will lead people to the landing page where they can get your offer.
● You can use Instagram Stories to show special offers or to let your viewers know that an offer is about to expire, so they need to act soon.
● Just as you would with your website menus, create categories for your Stories to keep them well organized.
● You can use Instagram Ads to promote your Instagram Stories, or you can promote them organically.

Find Instagram Influencer Partners

Selling your products on Instagram can be easier with the help of influencers. Having influencers promote your products can create a boost to your sales. Since their audience trusts the influencer, they are also likely to trust the products that they sponsor. Find influences that are a complement to the products you sell. You can use hashtags to search for them on Instagram and connect with them by sending them a message.

Run Facebook and Instagram Ads

Using the Facebook Manager dashboard, you can run both Facebook and Instagram ads for your brand. Running ads on Facebook, in addition to promoting your business on Instagram, will help you to reach more of your target audience.

At Mission Web Marketing, we can help you to market your e-commerce brand on Instagram. Get in touch today!

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